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HOLIDAY TRADITIONS......What is your holiday food fest from your country?

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     Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you!!!  It has been a wild year again and there is so much to be thankful for because, well, you know that it is only a matter of perception.  Life is 1 % situation and 99 % attitude.  I suppose I am trying to say is it is what  you make it. Now onto the holiday traditions in YOUR country.  Here in  America many folks will go to the midnight mass for Christmas and fast or not and some may eat turkey or ham or beef tenderloin at Christmas....(I know some of you do not celebrate this holiday)....and we fix it with smashed pertaters and "gravy", (I know Italians will call the red sauce gravy), stuffing with apples and sage, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole with the little fried onions on top, or beef wellington (duxelle with puff pastry), and little roasted red potatoes with rosemary and garlic butter.  Just some ideas no matter where you are in the world how do you ring in the holidays. In my family we drank Manhattans (I grew up in NY somewhat), drank Ice cold Michelob beer from a keg, snacked on olives, pickles and crudite (they didnt call it that then), and so forth and so on.  Here are some other examples:  In Bulgaria they obstain from animal products and serve a meal of 12 dishes each celebrating one month of the year, and a loaf of bread is baked with a piece of silver in it and the one who finds it is showered with prosperity. In America we drink beer, belch and watch football. I found Russian tradition to be very interesting. In Russia Christmas was not openly celebrated until 1992.  Now there is a Christmas eve fast and meal.  The meal is of a porridge called Kutya, filled with various grains for symbolizing hope and honey and poppy seeds for symbolizing happiness and peace.  I want everyone to realize that everywhere in the world there is a different way to celebrate the holidays and food and drink play a giant role in bringing people together in the ongoing quest for happiness, peace, love and joy.  Chef Peter Z from the Sea and the World would love to know how you celebrate your holiday traditions.  Chef Peter Z signing out for this year.  May your holidays be filled with much love, tranquility and Joy! :)

Hey Chef Peter Z......loved your blog ;) Christmas really is a special time for reflection on life and one's self and how we've handled the year gone by. I truly agree with your statement of the 1% situation and 99% attitude to life. Perspective is a wonderful gift in be thankful for what we have and make an effort to enjoy the 'present' of our lives! So many on this planet of ours suffer and never get to see what so many of us take for granted...keep the glass half full for 2012! God Bless
Posted by: Louise at 30/12/2011 22:50

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