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IS THE AGE OF THE COW OVER? Here Comes the Nordic Diet Chefs!!!

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     Another diet is rearing its head for us chefs to get a grasp on before it is asked for aboard ship.  Not to worry it employs some of the basics healthy cooking techniques many chefs are already using.  Do you think the age of the cow is over?  Lean meats such as elk and venision are coming full circle again and standing in the forefront ready to take over menus around the world.  The hormone gorged age of the cow is waning and a tsunami of leaner more organic meats are taking the front seat.  Besides elk and venison, are ostrich tenderloin, bison, antelope, bear and even beaver.....did you ever eat a beaver?  The diet consists of eating the leaner game meats, and cold weather berries such as cloudberries, blueberries, and thimbleberries coupled with foods rich in antioxidants and omega 3's.  Kale, cabbage, walnuts and salmon are def amongst the list.  There is a great deal of new game coming onto the plates and soon to the palates of the world.  The diet also strays away from the heart smart olive oils of the mediterranean diet and utilizes honey and molasses as the super foods that will prevent overeating naturally by satiating you faster.  Besides who wants to eat a jar of honey when you can scarf down a double cheeseburger.....OMG do they taste soooooooooo good!!! Well chefs what meat have you played with lately?  Try to be specific in the name and application of the dishes so we all can learn together!  Chef Peter Z and the Sea want to know!!!

Bear meat is as fat as beaver meat, we can boil it and marinated it, it becomes very tender, but still grassy. Ever trired a racoon or an otter?
Posted by: Jacquelin at 06/11/2011 22:04

Infusing the grassy meats with herbs and a vinegar base much like rabbit will offset the gamey-ness. A chimmichurri style marinade is awesome too....what kinds of marinades specifically could you share with us?
Posted by: Peter Ziegelmeier at 07/11/2011 01:35

Have you come across anyone with an allergy to wheat and gluten. Would this be difficult for a traveling stewardess?
Posted by: stephanie at 15/11/2011 03:16

Hello Steph, Thanks for your response. It is only difficult if the budget/boat or chef do not want to take this on....I find it doable, its just that sometimes the rest of the crew/captain get jealous and say I want that too, and other do not want it, now you are in a pickle. For me doable and done before. Keep traveling and be safe.
Posted by: Chef Peter Ziegelmeier at 22/11/2011 13:27

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