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CHEFS TIME OFF? What does your boat do for you or what should it offer?

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     It is that time of year again that skeleton crews man the boats up for sale.  Crew changes are happening slowly but surely, people are coming and going.  Many full time crew are getting their well deserved time off after countless hours of overtime (but that comes with the job chefs especially).  I watched as the captains and mates and chiefs got classes paid for, got extra time off, had more days off than the chefs and engineers.  Hey chef did you ever have to work between a crew house and a boat in the yard...? know what I am talking about!  All I ever wanted during these times is to be able to go and learn something new in my arena.  Whether a baking and pastry refresher, or another certificate program or two weeks in Napa exloring new wines and what is new in the culinary world.  Instread we are saddled with cooking for the crew and occasionally the owners even on weekends, while the rest got paid to take classes added more worth to their time off and less to ours as chefs.  Has this ever happened to you?  What does your boat do for you?  What do you think your boat should offer.  I believe that all boats should offer outlets for our creative minds to grow.  When I left culinary school one of my instructors, Herr Sonnerschmidt, reminded me that when you go private (yachts and or estates) the learning stops.  Wow I thought, he was right we get into ruts if we do not have outlets for further learning, new equipment, techniques, flavor profiles and such.  Hey chefs chime in here and lets find out what you are doing proactively to secure your creative future!  Chef Peter Z from the Sea and the World want to know!!!

hey did you ever notice that when the boat is off charter or in the ship yard the chef has it pretty easy...cook some lunch have a sleep get up cook some dinner day done. While the engineers and deck crew are busy getting all the jobs done in a very short amount of time. Alot of boats dont pay for courses you have to pay your own way which is fine by me or you are reimbursed after a set time period usually a year which is fair for both parties.Most boats and captains do offer creative outlets for chefs and courses you just have to ask and undertake them at a time which is suitable for the boat which is the case across all departments..
Posted by: Jake at 02/11/2011 10:58

I see down time as a great way to experiment and teach myself new things, especially if taking a course isn't an option. I will pick up a new cookbook and work my way through it. It isn't the same as an actual classroom environment, but still so much to be gained. This spring was all about molecular gastronomy. Next up, I will be tackling the mind blowing, recently published "Milk Bar" from Momofoku.
Posted by: Rubi at 02/11/2011 13:56

I feel your pain, last time I asked the owners to fund a 2 week 'wine tasting' trip around napa, they told me to f off, unbelievable!!!!!! Get a life primadonna. Firstly, only boring people get bored and secondly, how hard is it to be a crew cook for 40 weeks a year and have to be a 5 star chef 12 weeks a year, is that not enough time to experiment and teach yourself to cook?
Posted by: mark at 03/11/2011 19:49

Its always the chef
Posted by: John Doe at 04/11/2011 06:53

This is the idea of this blog to make people act and react...yes, yes, yes, keep your thoughts coming in!!!!
Posted by: Peter Z at 04/11/2011 16:41

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