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     If you are locked into the full time gig, you probably do not have the perspective that I have been able to have being on the freelance end of things this past year.  As I progress and come closer and closer to finishing my first book (about cuisine that could be in yachting and on land), I took to the freelance end of things for a short hiatus so I could have the time to put it all together. Subsequently what has happened is that I have been afforded a unique view into what is really happening for chefs in the industry.  I have noticed that the need for the experienced freelance chef is in demand.  With world problematics, recessions, money crisis, stock markets faulters and such, some owners and captains are not feeling the "love' for having a full time chef aboard.  So...if you have other skills on a vessel I say start developing those too, taking necessary classes, asking for additional instruction on board and really putting an effort into being a jack of many trades so to speak.  Another thing I have run into is the chef rotation program which many are still squeamish about or having even entertained because they are still stuck in that rut of longevity is best.  Case in point, I know of someone that has been on board a boat for 18 years, some may say longevity and some may say they haven't been able to grow, they are stagnated and frankly cannot handle the demands of the ever changing chef role, including new cuisines, new techniques, etc.  If you stay on a vessel for about two years or less, that is good enough to experience new programs, vessels different equipment, etc.  If you stay on a boat that has the same equipment for years you may find you are stagnant and perhaps becoming obsolete. Staying in touch with the changing world of being a yacht chef is wonderful if you can find yourself a rotation program between, two, three or even four boats.  I would love to work three months on one boat, then another three months on another boat, or even rotate on different boats during different seasons.  This increases the chefs knowledge of perhaps different cruising areas of the world and helps round out their levels of experience making them justifiably more valuable.  Are there any chefs out there in such a program?  I have heard of such programs for captains and engineers, it keeps things fresh I think dont you?  Chime in and give some insight into rotation opportunities for chefs, whether it be you are a captain, engineer, stew, bosun, deckie or whatev....Chef Peter Z from the Sea and the World want to know!!!

Rotation is a lifestyle choice. Very few clients OWN yachts long enough for rotation to be a viable option for pro yacht crew. .

For crew, ROTATION, normally means 7 months salary for six months work and very limited benifits.. Sounds OK, but in the end it takes you 40 years to accumulate 20 years savings.

The succesful...15 or twenty years service... chefs that I know around the yachts, structure their working career with two good jobs. A well paid yacht chef position for the Med season and a well paid chef on land position in Switzerland or whatever for the winter ski season.

The introduction to the land job always comes from the yacht ,client, chef , seasonal connection.
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