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Crew Salary 2011 - Where is the 60-80ft range or below 60?

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Whats going on, I feel like I am not a part of the world of yachting Dockwalk readers,  DW says, "Err Jimbo you dont work on a superyacht". Dammit!!

I took the survey said I was on a 62ft yacht so at least the data for one person should have been included. Just because the yacht is small does not mean the owner is not a multi-billionaire. Even if one figure is entered it gives everyone else a rough idea of what to charge/earn for a skipper/mate on the size of yacht. I read the "fewer than 5 entry blurb" too. So it that is then? No response just going to leave me and about XXXX amount of other Boaties in the Blue. 

Anyway Rant and a very short one at that is over back to Wood working repair



We appreciate your comments. Unfortunately, due to space constraints, we have to set limits to the size of vessels that we can include in our salary survey. We are happy to have you as a Dockwalk.com member and encourage you to speak to your peers on Dockwalk.com to help get a sense of the salary requirements for your size vessel. Good luck.
Posted by: Janine at 22/08/2011 19:43

Yes but its not a superyacyt they are doing a crew salary for superyachts not yachts.
Posted by: faye at 18/09/2011 16:48

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