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Appreciate life as a yachtie!

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I recently finished my 1st season as a yachtie and couldn't wait to get back home to see my parents and friends. Life as a yachtie was smooth.... everything went according to plan and I had the best time with fellow crew members and friends. Didn't have any worries, had food, a bed (even though a bit small ) but all in all IT was AWESOME!!! Being back in the real life for the past 6 months I now begin to envy those that are still out there working on yachts! Now I have to pay taxes, rent and buy my own food and best of it all is I'm not even enjoying my job! I am currently looking for a stewardess position, so I hope to find something soon.In all honesty....I loved working on the yachts and I would give my right toe to go back!

To all the yachties out there...I envy you but hope to be beside you sooner than expected!

Enjoy and soak up the sun for those of us who can't!!!!


I hope to get my first job this year. I am a steward in my 40s. I do not look it and I enjoy the gym. Your post made me feel good about not giving up on yachting.I hope you have a wonderful career.
Posted by: jurel at 11/06/2011 06:55

Hi Chantel Its Faye! How are things...? I will keep an ear out for you. Good Luck Im getting baxck on to yachts too now running a boat with my bf.... sun sun sun!! x
Posted by: faybion at 11/06/2011 11:05

I am in yachting but in the smaller fleet the owners are certainly no poorer (not the ones I work for anyway) and today I am taking some time off the yacht to chill out at the Drunkenmonkey hostel here in Zadar. Enjoy your time on shore it does have its perks but today thanks to yachting I met Laura and Emily and we are heading to the Garden here in Zadar later on for some chilled out drinks looking out on the new town from the old.
Posted by: Capt_Chaos at 11/06/2011 14:28

I'm looking for a stew/cook for a Mangusta 105
The owner must be one of the easiest there is to work with, super clean and tidy and lots of fun.
Yacht is currently in Boca Raton, Florida (at the Boca resort) and will be heading up the east coast to New York next week for the summer. Winter will be the Caribbean and maybe the Med next summer.

Duties will be the usual stew work, laundry, cleaning, serving drinks/food etc. They will also need to cook for the crew (3) and on occasions prepare something for the owners. The owners mostly eat out or prepare their own food on this extremely fun and laid back yacht. The owner has two young kids that will require child minding on occasions by the crew.

STCW and B1/B2 visa
No visible tattoos
No smoking
Must have good references
Pay $3-$3,500 monthly
Posted by: mycaptainchris at 14/06/2011 20:37

Hello My Dear! how are you, am happy to tell you, am really intrested to know you because i like your proflie i hope you will also like to know me too,plz send me an mail to my email address which is( ) i will tell you more about my self, Regards miss Gladys
Posted by: gladysbaby2 at 13/02/2012 21:37

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