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I empathize with Dock Walker’s

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Whenever job hunters ask me if our boat has any crewing positions my stomach sinks a little, because we are usually fully crewed and saying no, feels a little awkward. After I tell dock walker’s we are fully crewed I wished them well and take their resumes if they offer them to me, but few dock walkers offer out resumes unless you ask and this is probably a mistake because following up and showing a little hustle without being too pushy increases the likelihood of a person reading your C.V. even if it is out of curiosity.


Most resumes read the same, but every so often I come across an outstanding resume that I can connect with and might be able to forward on to somebody else looking for people.


It is really a numbers game when you’re trying to find a job walking the docks and if I was walking the docks looking for a job I’d probably get there early and walk in the opposite direction to everyone else just to be different. 


When a yacht is looking for Junior crew they are all looking for pretty much the same thing and what gets a person over the line is timing, location and presentation, if you can present yourself in a slightly different but positive way to everyone else you increase the chances of being asked to come on board and be remembered if and when a job becomes available.


Being remembered is really the key to success when your dock walking and the best way to be remembered is by first impressions and at a guess most dock walkers get about two minutes focus from crew, so nail your opening line, sound confident and hand over your resume before the door of opportunity closes. Do not worry about whether or not people will read your C.V. just be happy another one is out there and it may be read.


Selling yourself is nerve racking and feeling a little uncomfortable is perfectly normal, so keep putting yourself out there and practicing your sales pitch.

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