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Cut costs Chef

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A Chef friend of mine was asked to spend less. Long story short he started shopping at a discount food club and asked people to sign in and out for dinner to prevent large quantities of food being fed to the garbage disposal.


One night the Captains favorite was being served (chicken potpie), everyone was happy until the Chief Stew noticed the hearty meal was pre-made at Costco. 


The next day the Captain asked the Chef if he could make more meals from scratch, the Chef did what the Captain asked and bought a couple chickens, fresh vegetables and went to work making sauces from scratch and hand making the pastry. With everything laid out perfectly he called the bridge inviting the Captain down to preview the nights meal, his favorite chicken potpie. Upon seeing this magnificent feast he asked Chef “What pattern or symbol would adorn the potpie”? Chefs reply was abrupt “How about XYZ off,” the ensuing argument resulted in a few loose feathers, nevertheless the Captain and Chef agreed that good food takes time to prepare and is only as good as the raw materials being used and that savings are best achieved through waste reduction and sensible menu plans. 


Crew need and deserve nutritional meals and the surest way to reduce crew morale is to serve low quality meals to them when their working around the clock, meal time is something people look forward to and I would like to thank all the good chefs out there for giving me something to look forward to twice a day. 

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