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Finally addictive fitness for yachts! TRX Suspension.

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Hi All,

I tried this out at a gym in Wandsworth, London a few weeks ago, and thought it would be perfect on the yacht (63ft).

I can't explain how solid the work out is but I would suggest you to try it. I will have the system up in Italy, Croatia, France, Spain, Canary's and in Antigua later this year. Feel free to pop over and try it out.

There are plenty of videos on you tube and on there website.


Enjoy all





Picked up a similar device a few years ago for a new stewardess.. she was only a tiny thing, weighed as much as a coil of dock line. As you know upper body strength is critical for sailing so to bring her up to the task the boat bought a similar rubber band rig. Cheap...probably 20 euro .

Rigged from the boom for pull ups, rigged on a winch for rowing or hand, finger curls. The results were dramatic. After a few months she was hand over hand climbing up halyard tails to rig the mainsail cover.
Good investment for girls who want to work on deck and need to gain upper body strength
Posted by: junior at 04/04/2011 15:20

Thanks, I have since looked at Olympic rings and found where I can get the gear for under £30.

I tho having looked at 10's of videos will splice my own rings out of thick rope and use line off the yacht. And for adjustment, I can use the Spinnaker Halyard, at the push of a button!

Job done!
Posted by: at 05/04/2011 21:30

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