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South Beach Bringin' the Heat...The 2011 Miami Boat Show

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The Miami boat show is not for the faint of heart. Long, hot days melt into even hotter nights when parties and events really gear up.  The first day of the show was met with positive vibes as crew saw busy docks, which brought lots of work (and smiles). But as the sun set on the day one, some headed for Sunset Harbour Marina and The Event benefitting YachtAid Global (YAG), a charitable organization that uses superyachts to help deliver goods to remote areas in need. Dressed in their blue and white to pay homage to the charitable organization, the VIP champagne and caviar portion of The Event kicked off on M/Y Pure Bliss, then wound its way off the vessel and onto the dance floor as the band kicked up and guests reveled in the excitement of raising funds for YAG.
Friday morning came quickly and the pace of the show picked up again. Hopes were high for the weekend ahead. The sun beat down as patrons pounded the docks and crew watched the clock for 8 p.m. when they grabbed taxis and found their way to South Beach’s Waxy O’Connor’s for The Dockwalk Party, Miami. From 8 to 11 p.m. – so the party invite said, but we know many stayed a little longer – over 275 captains and crew enjoyed drinks and snacks and relished in the chance to dance out some show stress. Many crew found themselves in photos with the body painted Advanced Mechanical model – check out my photos here to see if you made the cut!
As the haze of Friday night burns off throughout Saturday, captains and crew have three more days of show ahead of them, but with plenty more to do and see in South Beach, we’re sure they’re in for more fun. See you at the next show!

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