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Mess in the crew mess

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Wash up, clean up & put your coffee mug away.

How hard is it to clear up after to yourself? 

Why does every boat have a mystery slob(s) that leaves stuff out, double dips, spill things and generally stinks up the place?

I often joke about hiding a time lapse camera in the crew mess so we can catch our mystery slob(s). 

What does your boat do to combat mess in the crew mess?

It starts from the top, if the cap doesnt enforce, no one will.
Posted by: Chef Peter at 18/02/2011 03:41

Trying putting the clutter on their bed till they start to get a clue!!!
Posted by: anonymous at 18/02/2011 21:47

Our crew mess is detailed once a week by a stewardess but cleaned everyday by the watchkeeper !
Posted by: nina at 22/02/2011 19:51

Oh my little neurotic yachties. I love the guys on the crew that are so type-a and think everything must be "just so." They are usually the guys running around labeling the "chamois" or "deck brush" with the label maker (as if we didn't all know what a chamois was) I guess you could always tie the bastard to an anchor and drop him into the deep if he doesn't pick up that coffee cup!
Posted by: Type B at 25/02/2011 21:31

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