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Facebook, Pandora, Spotify, RunKeeper - Networking ideas!

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Hey all,

Having recently got back into computers and the things one can do with them I would like to know what else there is that you guys in yachting do on a daily basis to make your time on the water all the more enjoyable. My top suggestions are below.

IN A RUSH - Pandora

If you need to set up a playlist for guests for an evening just leave it to the experts at simply type in a song or artist like "Katy Perry" and Pandora will do the rest. Brilliant and easy - Pay the minor fee for no adverts. Available only in the USA.

Chef healthy for January - RunKeeper

Get out running with your new Android phone or Iphone in the month of January with the FREE application from Run Keeper (only Free for the month of January.) Use it for all matters of exercise not just cycling then tell everyone how good you have been on facebook!


Available in Europe this great website and app allows you to listen to what ever your mates are letting the online music community on Spotify what they think makes a good playlist. Check it out, not as easy as Pandora but interesting all the same.


Well have fun with Facebook, everything seems to be integrated with this social networking empire Mark Zuckerberg has set up. Get it on your Phone and take it with you.


New this Christmas I have received the Samsung Galaxy S and where this phone kicks Iphone out the window is that I can use it anywhere and pay local rates just by swapping sim cards. No problem. Iphones are great but rather stuck in there ways, although loads of yachties have them there are now better phones out there. My general feeling is that Stevo is not careful they may well get left behind on this point with us yachties.

Have a great 2011



Lets not forget!
More for personal entertainment but can definitely make a long crossing seem shorter.
Posted by: Dave at 04/01/2011 20:52

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