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Hope for Incipient Recovery

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As the boat show cleanup crew loads the last of the floating docks to be hauled away and stored until next year and crew and industry alike finally recover from an extremely busy boat show, we now have time to look back and reflect on the success of the event.


Capt. Walter Rowan of M/Y Major Wager sent Dockwalk his opinion on the show:


“The best indicator [of the success of FLIBS 2010] I saw this year came from the people within our industry. Much more so than last year, energy levels were high, as was general enthusiasm.


It’s no secret that the yachting industry experiences the same fluctuations as most others; good and bad years are to be expected. Last year seemed lethargic and idle. This year, the feeling was one largely of hope for incipient recovery, namely the release of tightly held luxury dollars.


Perception is particularly paramount within our industry as we do not have a tangible value.  Even the private jet business has a viable purpose in transporting executives in an efficient manner that enables more productivity. Our objectives exist on a more abstract level, as it’s difficult to place a value on pleasure and relaxation. Builders, brokers, captains and crew need to continue efforts to restore the overall positive mood of yachting and in turn boost the industry itself. We should all be conscious of the fact that yachting is fueled by one source: owners. The greater the owners’ contentment [to yachting], the better for us all.”


What is your take on the 2010 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show – was it a success and where do you think the yachting industry will go from here?

The show was defiantly busy and most of the traffic seemed to be around the big yachts, but take a stroll around the 60' range and it seemed like things were very quiet, with brokers looking board. Perhaps they had already done all the selling they could deal with.

One thing I noticed was there were plenty of Italian speaking people there,not sure if that means anything, who knows. Another would be the amount of (dare I say) Used Yachts for sale (or charter) and some were not looking there normal pristine selves.

That part is hard to figure, if you are trying to sell or charter a Yacht wouldn't you want your best face showing? I know there was one poor Yacht that had a mishap docking, but when you looked closer there was more than just a few scrapes down the topsides.

The Yacht info talks on Friday were not very well attended, I went to the Telimed talk and I was outnumbered by the other Telimed company owners and reps. The presentation was more a sales pitch but still informative for Captains and crew if they had been present. The Captain's briefing at the end of the day was quiet to say the least. Mainly the sponsors and speakers from the day. A pity as there were obviously many Captains at the show and the talk was informative.

The Design and Leadership awards were somewhat strange as I was one moment happy and jubilant for the award winners and then sad for the posthumous leadership award. It was a good night overall though if not a little flat.

Overall FLIBS looked and felt like a good show, the European builders I spoke to seemed confident but I felt it was a shame that there was not someway to have Cakewalk closer to the show, in my book she was not really in the show, although she did look great. Traveling back in the water taxi with Don Starkey from Cakewalk he seemed somewhat impressed with her build after his tour. I would think that is good to hear for US builders, this from a Designer that works out of Dubai. And at an enlightening event aboard Resolute for a showcase of the visionary new residential development and marina 'Oil Nut Bay' there seemed a lot of positive talk also.

Was FLIBS a success ? For sales I guess we will have to wait on news from Brokers to see, but I think if you keep positive, good things will happen and I was happy with the results of my five days at the show. Thanks to the event organizers the crews and the weather.
Posted by: simongb-N2( Visit ) at 08/11/2010 18:08

For me, it was a very successful boat show, I assisted with my first boat show delivery! He was 5lbs 9oz, happy and healthy. Mom and baby doing well! One delivery is enough for now. :)
Posted by: MHG Mark B at 12/11/2010 21:46

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