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Inside the life of a yachtie.

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So.. I have been here for about 3months, all the way from South Africa, and I have to say that the reality of being a yachtie is alot better than my expectations. The amount of interesting and multi cultural people that I have met is overwhelming. Every single person I meet whether from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and even the English people has a great story to tell about their experiences. It is so amazing to hear about all the ups and downs, the beautiful countries and the life long friendships that this industry has to offer. During my time here I have learned that great things really do take time and that you have to be patient in order to get exactly what you want.

On the fun side there is so many things to do with friends during off days or to make the time go by whilst not having a position on board yet. Apart from the neccesary dockwalking, seeing the agencies and job hunting online what more can you do to ensure getting a job?!Networking?! It's great fun and you get to meet loads of new people. Whether going out for drinks, going to the beach on a nice sunny day, sightseeing or attending any yachtie related event , it's good to get out there!

Good luck to all my fellow yachties and remember to enjoy every single moment of every single day.


Hi, Chantel... I feel your satisfaction, and it's great to sea Mick (Jagger) beeing contradicted here. Your sharing make my believes even stronger that I'm in the right area of living! The Ocean. Because, altough I'm in smaller boats kind of work, (20m) I do get the satisfaction at the end of the day. I hope one day I'll be in a big White (blue\green\redwine\Yellow\black\Grey) Boat. that must be the best!!! And to travel, work, connect, change countries!! Must be the best way to cross! Congrats, Thank you and great Luck
Posted by: Salvador at 31/05/2010 17:19

Well Done Chantel, keep going, and all the best wishes for your future travels. A,
Posted by: Reef Navigator at 01/06/2010 11:34

"even the English"?
Posted by: Anon at 02/06/2010 05:44

Yeah even the English.
Posted by: Chantel at 02/06/2010 09:17

So what you're saying is that even English people HAVE some great stories. which is very rare?
Posted by: Anon at 02/06/2010 14:00

the english bloody invented sea stories! where do you think mermaids come from?
Posted by: chris at 02/06/2010 16:23

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