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Love or lust, the two can be easily confused.  They are the basis for the themes of a million songs and unquestionably, they contribute to the collective inspiration of every generation of poet and writer alike.  From the sonnets of the Bard to the whimsical fancy of the modern song writer, the experience of love won and lost has etched upon most of us the relative value of poem and verse alike.


My affair started some time ago.  We passed in the street and I was at once taken with her beauty.  Her face, fresh and unblemished by the years, captivated me in a moment.  As she passed I glanced over my shoulder.  Her shape as she swooped by, was trim and taught and athletic but all the while feminine and quite beautiful.   Her body was smaller than average and she looked petite and demure but maintained a hint of menace.  Like a cat soft and graceful but ready to pounce and devour at a moments notice.  I became instantly desirous of her and from than on planned my next meeting.


We ‘met’ shortly after that day as I had managed to get an introduction.  She was German and very new to the local scene.  After some time I arranged to  fly to Europe and pick her up in Germany in the town that she was born.  I will not lie, I spent a fortune on a holiday and flew out to meet her.  We traveled together through Germany and France and I even took her across the channel to meet my parents.  I was smitten. 


No one could deny her looks were stunning but several people seemed a little daunted and surprised by her inner darkness.  We had our ups and downs and from the start I was aware that she drank a little too much.  On a number of occasions she drove me around the bend quicker than ever before but as I learned to handle her moods she became predictable.  As we took our road trip together and spent many hours in traffic I found her totally comforting and supportive.  She kept me cool during that hot summer in Europe and was happy to go wherever I chose.


She spoke a number of languages and was as excellent navigator and played music whenever I asked, the perfect companion one might say.  But there were problems on the horizon.  I was married and my wife wanted children. I had to decide if I should continue my affair but I simply could not part with her.


I returned home and she came to the USA, I actually paid for her to get here by ship as she could not fly.  I found her a place to stay and she waited for me patiently until the weekends when we could go out together.  As time went on I realized that she was simply too much of a goer for me; she was built for speed and I started to need more comfort. After the birth of our first child my priorities had also started to change.  She was simply incapable of coping with a baby. It may sound a little strange but my wife, who knew of the affair, had started to enjoy her company.  I saw them together once or twice and I realized that I simply had to let her go for fear she would come between us.


So now I have made the decision to part.  I want to know if there is anyone out there who is thrilled by the thought of travel on the open road and who is interested in buying a 2006 Porsche Cayman S.  She will be sorely missed and although she is not what you would call high maintenance she does have expensive taste.  She is not good with kids but great for weekends away.  Always ready for an adventure, in 16000 miles I have only seen her tired once.

The Black Cayman S with a clear view engine room cover in the marina parking lot is one of the sexiest cars around. When I grow up and get a job Ill buy one........You have good taste
Posted by: junior at 09/02/2010 15:42

Perhaps instead of selling out you should trade in for an Aston Martin.....looks pretty good for the kids. Go green.
Posted by: junior at 09/02/2010 15:56

Hey Mike - How much do you want for this old slapper?
Posted by: Ned Kelly at 13/02/2010 18:34

what a dick.....
Posted by: PETER GOESINYA at 14/02/2010 16:55

Come on peter that's just unnecessary.

I am sure you're a master debater or something similar but "What a dick..." you are not giving me much to work with.
Posted by: mike french at 15/02/2010 23:09

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