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Three strikes & your out

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Sometimes you just need to let people go. When it's time to fire someone, they usually know exactly why their being let go. Verbal and written warnings, being ignored are the hallmarks of difficult crew believing there's no reason to change. 


Insubordinate crew fail to see their error, and the drama they create. When good crew believe troublemakers are  getting away with things,  moral slips, work performance drops and time lost calming upset crew increases. 


Problem crew are shrewd manipulators, and that's why what's achieved holds higher value than what's said. There's no getting around the fact jobs are incomplete and below standard when crew focus their efforts elsewhere. Everything is measurable and have benchmark standards, that clarify when, how and who did their work and who did not. 


The most common reasons for firing crew, are sustained underperformance and negative behavior. 


When someone is fired, nobody wins. Because the employer and employee both need to rebuild. 

Fired... Lol
Problem crew don't get fired. They get thrown overboard. After they catch the end of the cat for a few lashes.
Arrgh tis the sea life fer yee
Posted by: Chase at 03/02/2017 21:27

When stupidity repeats itself is when it's time to let go of the problem.
Posted by: Brook at 03/02/2017 23:38

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