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Are engineers worth less

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It seems engineers salaries have taken a dive.  

Does this mean engineers have become worth less?


Are the new generation of engineers worthless. 

Please weigh in on this topic, because the industry needs well educated and trained engineers and I am not seeing the skill and quality of engineers improving. 




when hiring, if they would worry more about experience and less about what certificates a person has then they would get quality engineers. yes certificates are nice but they don't necessarily qualify a person to know what is what. it just shows they are capable of passing a test, not that they have common sense or the know how to actually fix something when it breaks.
Posted by: michael bowman at 13/12/2016 20:02

It very unfortunate that engineer wages keep dropping this is due to Eastern European tickets that are given out with little under standing of engineering.
I see captain wages keep going up and wonder why this is so as most captains are overpaid bus drivers with little people management skills.
The industry is slowly turning into a circus for fools.
Posted by: John Davey at 14/12/2016 07:01

Get a grip John Davey - It's always been a circus for fools. That's why you are a star performer !!
Posted by: Numpty Sailor at 14/12/2016 09:43

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