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Ximera crosses the Atlantic

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26∞51.57 N - 016∞ 37.19 W to

Dolphins and a small boat are our companion for the night. The wind has changed to NNW and now we can head again 220∞, we want the butter to melt! Keeping Orion to our starboard above the mast help us to keep our pulpit addressing WSW.

And now as we settle into our night watch pattern, the wind is gusting upto 22 knots so we quickly put in two reefs so it's more manageable for the night. Despite the reefs we are still pulling over 9 knots and making great time down to Cape Verde.

Then the fishing rod bent and a meter of line escaped ... a big fish having a little nibble.

Giacomo and Mike have teased out taste buds with culinary delights including Mike's now famous risotto.

Tomorrow it's the girl's turn to cook ... I wonder what's i store?

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