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The Exact Guide on how to enter the Superyacht industry as new crew

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Here's the exact guide and nine simple steps to help get you started in the Superyacht industry in the shortest amount of time and money spent. Its all about the preparation.

Before you leave home:

1. Choose which yachting location you want to start your superyachting experience (yachting is seasonal, so choose carefully) make sure you can complete the STCW 95 training course in that location.

2. Prepare a CV

3. Sign up with crew agents online.


4. Book online to start your STCW 95 course in your chosen location - not all locations offerSTCW 95 courses. STCW 95 is the minimum legal training requirement for a crew member. 


5. Book an appointment with an MCA certified doctor to complete an ENG1 basic medical examination (along with the STCW these are the only 2 certifications you'll need to become a crew member). This can be done before you leave home, or when you get to your location. Check certified doctor locations. 


6. Book accommodation in a crew house (optional: but the best place to start) before you leave home for the duration of your STCW 95 course - don't book any longer as you'll get a feel for where you want to stay after that.

Leave for yachting location

7. Check into crew house and get social! Meet as many people as possible and learn about yachting.

8. STCW 95 - Whilst you are completing the STCW course visit all the crew agents you have registered with online and register with those you haven't. This is your opportunity to stand out from the other new crew members, so present yourself immaculately and with great energy - This cannot be stressed enough. The industry is all about image in every way, be image conscious.

9. Complete the STCW 95 certificate! 

- Now you have everything you need to become employed!

This is the most exact step by step guide to start as new crew in the Superyacht industry.

Remember: You must have completed your STCW certificates and have obtained an ENG1 medical certificate to be legally employed on a yacht

The journey will be worth it and don't be afraid to know nothing at the start, everyone starts somewhere. Present yourself well, ask questions and be motivated. The good times await you!

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