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Don't Get Caught With Your Pants Down On Facebook

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Why you need to change your Facebook settings to get into the Superyacht industry.


You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that once a CV goes across someones desk, the employer without doubt will look you up on Facebook to see if they can get a better understanding of your life and personality. It's no different in the Superyacht industry and most likely it's even more common, as their need to know about your behaviour is heightened by the fact that they will not only work with you, but also live with you.


So, if drinking too much, jumping on cars, swearing at friends, or giving the one fingered salute to the camera isn't your persuasion then thats a big bonus. But i'm sure you've still got some friends that do. Therefore I'd strongly recommend checking your privacy settings. 


View instructions with diagrams how


It's not only what you post on Facebook that will be taken into account when your credentials are being reviewed, but what your friends post about you, can be just as critical. View these options and make your own decision!


View instructions and the images here


You should share this post with any of your friends that you think might be in danger of making this simple but crucial mistake!


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It absolutely amazes me that lots of people in this day and age don't seem to be aware that they will be researched by their potential employer and that any smart employer is using whatever means they can find to ensure they are not saddled with an unacceptable employee and this definitely includes social media. First thing I do before I bother having the more complicated things done is look at social media. Trust me, it doesn't take long at all to figure out that way too many people can't be trusted to behave in an acceptable way. If nothing else, you would expect people to be smart enough to keep their bad behavior to themselves, but no, instead they shout it out to the world and brag about it. Even if they mature a bit and behave better, that mess is still out there for all to see and with competition who are presented themselves much better, why would any sensible employer bother with people who don't have better sense than to conduct and present themselves this way?
Posted by: Sheryl at 26/12/2016 22:59

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