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Why new crew to yachting must network their way into a job

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...and stop relying on crew agents to do it for you.

Don't ignore what is staring you in the face. You are the only one that cares about your wellbeing when it comes to getting your first job as a new crew member to the Superyacht industry. Not the crew agents.


1. You have nothing to lose when starting out in yachting and are willing to try anything with no experience.

2. Crew agents have everything to lose. If they place someone with no experience onto a yacht and it doesn't work out its on their head. Therefore with no experience its difficult for them to place you. Its pretty simple really.

3. This is why as new crew to yachting you will continually get the same answer back from crew agents. Which is "go and get some experience" or "go and find some daywork to put on your CV", and then we can look at placing you… Sound familiar? That's what almost every response back to How To Get Into 4. Yachting has been over the last few months when people have contacted us for our help and guidance. But, its all easier said than done we know. (read below for the unseen value)

So, where do i start? How do i get Daywork? How do i get a permanent position?

Our advice is get networking now! Meet someone on the dock, network. Meet someone at the bar, network. Meet someone that works on a yacht, network. Meet someone that knows someone that works on a yacht, network. For this type of networking Facebook can be your best friend. 

1. Become Facebook friends with as many people in yachting as possible, and stay in touch regularly. 

2. Facebook can be your passport through the yachting network, for work experience and opportunities for new crew.


1. Its the easiest way to stay in contact with new friends and continually network with them, which could help lead you to work

2. You can see which friends are where in the world, which could help lead you to work

3. Your posts or updates on Facebook will keep you fresh in the minds of your yachting friends, which could help lead you to work

4. When Daywork is available, or a positions pops up onboard (or on another yacht) then your friends can contact you quickly, which could help lead you to work

5. Plus hiring crew members can check you out visually. This is the truth (Facebook stalking happens everywhere), and it can be a far more beneficial step-up into the industry than just a crew agent interview.


Here is the unseen value!

Having multiple friends within the yachting on your Facebook page can be the perfect "reference" without you having to interview, daywork, or have a long list of experience. 

Why? Because everyone wants to work with good people. 

Crew compositions are hugely important onboard, and longevity can be achieved by a group of people with similar interests and friends. Can you see the angle we're talking about?

For example: When a hiring crew member (Captain, Officer, Chief Stewardess) does a little "reference" check of their own (and they will) everyone will check Facebook. Therefore there is a possibility they may see friends that you both have in common or with other crew. 

This could be viewed as 

1. "well if they're friends with 'them', we could give them a chance...?" 

2. "he looks like a pretty cool surfer, we're all surfers…" 

3. "he knows Smithy, i'll PM 'John Smith' to check out what they're really like...?" 


This happens all the time and its social weight to your cause without continually being rejected on the docks.

This is an easy and powerful way to look at your networking which you can do from day one! It can be so important to add strength to your limited profile (and social CV) when your work experience is in its infancy. Plus its a natural unchallenging thing to do, becoming new Facebook friends with as many people as you can, easy...

So, if you're new to yachting and looking to find daywork that will hopefully lead to a permanent position, this could be your golden ticket without you even knowing it. Get networking!

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