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Why new crew should start their yachting career by staying in a Crew House first

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...and the importance of Crew Houses to the Superyact industry.


Crew Houses play a fundamental role in the development and initial education of new crew to the Superyacht industry, as well as their primary function of crew accommodation. A good Crew House can make or break the initial push by a new crew member when starting out in the yachting industry, and be the difference between them getting daywork, a full time position, or spending all their time and money with no direction and sending them back to square one.


The importance of a quality Crew House can not be dismissed:


  • 1. They are the essential starting point for all new crew in the industry.
  • 2. They allow new crew to network with fellow new crew, and also freely mix with other established yachting crew.
  • 3. They allow a place for new crew to get access daywork which can be very elusive.
  • 4. They can direct you of the local do's and dont's. Not only for, what-to and what-not-to do within the industry, but just as importantly to the new town, country and culture that you are starting in.


This is why they are incredibly important to the framework of yachting and especially so, to new crew starting out. 


After you are established and comfortable with your position within the industry then definitely explore other types of accommodation if you wish, but as a starting point we'd always direct new crew in yachting to the Crew House experience first. As they are much more than just a place to put head down.


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