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Why your Superyacht CV should be like a first date and why do we actually write one in the first place?

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Would you tell your whole life story on a first date? Actually, a few in the Superyacht industry probably would, but that's not the point...


Lets start with why we actually write a CV in the first place? It’s not a trick question, but I’m sure most people will probably say "its going to get me a job on a Superyacht." That's not untrue, but the reality is that your CV gives you the chance to win an interview for a job, it doesn’t get you the job! 


More often than not you will need to win an interview with a crew agent first, and after a successful interview with a crew agent you will then be put forward to interview with either a Captain or other decision makers onboard. Its in your interview with them that you can continue telling the whole story of what you started successfully, albeit briefly, on your CV. Therefore there's no need to tell your whole life story from the start, in your CV.


So why is your CV like a first date then?

1. You need to make a great first impression: a neat well structured CV with a professional looking image will do this.

2. Second, you need to make the most of your time together: clear presentation and concise information. Don’t ramble on about things that aren’t relevant, like previous job skills that do not cross over into yachting.

3. Thirdly, you want to leave your date wanting to come back for more: “you’ve got the skills we need, and you look like an really interesting person I'd like to get to know you better… Boom!" 


Therefore your CV will give you the chance to win an interview, and then its up to you to turn those dating opportunities into a relationship and a full time job on a Superyacht! 


So take the time to prepare a successful CV, like you would when preparing for a successful first date. Present yourself well. Make sure all contact details are correct. Use simple but specific stories. Talk about only things that are interesting for the both of you.


Enjoy the courting period and good luck.


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