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Elements Affecting Sealing Proficiency

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Product manufacturers throughout classes like household chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage sector play an increasingly important role in reaching consumers' changing requirements and values. They have to determine that their items reach their purchasers within good shape. Unwanted product condition like leaking and faulty containers, bad, altered products are a vital situations that may lead to unsafe circumstances.

As a consequence of world-wide application know-how as well as the most improved processing techniques, the power to realize a perfect seal every time is now possible.

The employment of the induction sealing method, when efficiently utilised, can easily improve the value of the merchandise. By creating the container airtight (hermetic), it gives you a tamper evidence seal that helps prevent each of the previously listed dilemmas while keeping a professional overall appearance. The container can produce tamper repellent seal that disables leakages and contamination if the container is made air-tight or hermetic via induction sealing method. The induction sealing system is likewise great to extend product shelf-life and to retain freshness that fosters buyer assurance.

Things to consider in a seal:

  • A very good seal is reached within minutes of the induction sealing process.

  • For overall sealing - induction foil sellers strongly suggest Twenty-four hours before the best final result is realized

  • Over Heating - Pay attention to any symptoms of scorching or melting from the cap

  • Under Heating - in the event the foil sealing layer did not melt and bond with the entire rim of the bottle or jar top neck surface.

  • Proper Heating - is determined in the event the foil totally seals around the rim of the product and secondary cap lining materials, the bottle neck and the cap are not overheated.

  • A trained operator will recognise how warm a bottle lid should get before it starts to cool.

  • An experienced eye will pick symmetric heat patterns in the induction foil and in foam backing material behind some induction foils

Suitable Sealing is accomplished if:

  1. For non delicate containers, the seal can generally stand the force of dropping devoid of the cap.

  2. For easy-peel seals, the seal is easy to remove without making a foil ring. For permanent weld seals the foil must be cut.

  3. No drip after being dropped

Find out how to acquire a perfect seal

To produce a consistent product seal, container, cap closure, lining material, and induction sealer must be well matched. To have the suitable combination, our recommendation is that you contact your cap closure lining material vendor or Induction Sealing equipment distributor. To record the energy transfer window for fine sealing outcomes we advise and supply the actual Linepatrolman™.


Many containers which are employed in induction sealing are created from plastic materials, but glass may also be used - appropriately for dry goods such as coffee. Deciding on the container may also depend upon what product it's going to be used, the way it will be offered for sale and how it reach the consumers.

Cap Closure

The cap closure must have a flat interior area to support an induction liner. Screw on caps allow for a wider range of soft and hard cap lining materials. Soft cap lining material is better combined with snap on caps. If using a two part induction sealing material where a foil separates from the backing material, the cap may possibly require to have features that retain the backing material when the 2 part induction material separates as the container is opened.

Lining Materials

To best determine the best option induction sealing material, the following should be thought about:

  • Composition of the container

  • What is the product

  • Period of usage

  • Cap Restriction

  • Means for which the lining material will be inserted into the cap

Induction Sealer

Deciding on the best machine to your requirements is a vital task. In determining the right supplier, be sure that they:

  • The material supplier should be able to assist technically and give sound advice on the induction sealing process; and where required, get involved in the production side of the container and closure.
  • Make sure that the supplier of induction sealer also supplies lining materials or at least has technical knowledge and able to provide guidance
  • The supplier ONLY provides CE safety certified equipment.. Induction sealing equipment involves very high electric currents and electromagnetic fields. Places like China and India are producing and supplying very low cost options WITHOUT CE certification.

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