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09/10/2009 04:50:00 AM
Getting to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show
By Brian Whitley, Senior Meteorologist, WRI 
Weather routing information from WRI more...
21/09/2009 04:15:00 AM
Going Green - With Code [e]
By Louisa Beckett 
BYRD takes sailing to a new eco-friendly level with their Code [e] cat.   more...
18/09/2009 07:05:00 AM
Going Green - with Arcadia Yachts
By Louisa Beckett 
 Concerns over global warming, fluctuating fuel prices and the plight of the seas around us have sparked a growing interest in developing more eco friendly and efficient yachts. more...
04/07/2009 12:00:00 PM
Best and Worst Yacht Names
By Ima Bowter 
 The things that owners call their multimillion-dollar vessels! more...
02/06/2009 05:30:00 AM
Med Dockwalking Job Prospects
By Louisa Cowan 
Although the Med season started off slowly, agents say be hopefuly, things will pick up. more...
28/05/2009 04:00:00 AM
Yacht vs. Restaurant Chef: Who Has the Better Job?
By JoAnne MacKenzie [Photo (left) by Shaw McCutcheon (right) by Lauren Beck] 
Working on a yacht or in a restaurant, which do you prefer? more...
21/05/2009 02:30:00 AM
Super Giga Mega
By Rubi McGrory 
What's in a name? Well, it depends whom you ask!  more...
18/05/2009 06:25:00 AM
And the Winner Is...
Winners of the 2009 World Superyacht Awards. more...
29/03/2009 02:00:00 AM
The Trouble with MLC, 2006
By Lauren Beck [Photo: Capt. Mark O'Connell] 
The Maritime Labour Convention is approaching ratification. What this could mean for the superyacht industry. more...
27/02/2009 05:15:00 PM
Belay That! The Origins of Nautical Words
By Louisa Beckett 
Ever wonder where "head" and "toe the line" came from? more...

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