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Spy Drones – the next generation of maritime safety

Dec 17th 09
Staff Report

According to the, in an attempt to combat Somali pirates and bring safety back to our international waters, the U.S. has launched spy drones from the Seychelles islands. These unmanned, remote control planes are meant to survey the area and, if necessary, deploy weapons. The MQ9 Reaper is able to cover vast areas of the ocean more efficiently than any warship. As pirates become more brazen in their attacks, moving farther from shore (up to 1,000 miles from the Somali coast) and out into open, international waters, the drones provide the upper-hand. Drones have been used to spy on al-Qaeda operatives for years. U.S. military officials have not ruled out arming the drones, which can be equipped with hellfire missiles and precision-guided bombs. Drones are able to fight without risking human lives.


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    Posted by junior_1 17/12/2009 20:02:02

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