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Pirates Traveling Farther Afield

Oct 27th 09
Staff Report

In the wake of the recent abduction of a British couple in the Indian Ocean, experts are saying that Somali pirates are traveling farther distances on the attack.


The reports that the couple, Paul and Rachel Chandler, both in their 50s have spent the past two years sailing the Indian Ocean and blogging about their experiences. On Thursday, October 22, they left the Seychelles heading for Tanzania on their 38-foot yacht, Lynn Rival. On Friday, however, coast guards picked up the boat’s emergency beacon and a mysterious post on their blog read “PLEASE RING SARAH.” Their vessel was located only 60 miles from the Port of Victoria in the Seychelles when the beacon was activated.

The Telegraph also reported “A pirate, named only as Hassan, said today: ‘The British couple are in our hands now. We captured them as they were touring in the Indian Ocean.’ He said the two captives were healthy and ransom demands would follow.”


This is just one in a number of recent attacks out of the normal strike zone for the pirates.


The reports that due to the increased number of warships and increased military presence in the Gulf of Aden and east coast of Somalia, the pirates have shifted their reach to more tourist-laden locales such as the Seychelles. Yachts in the area need be aware of these recent events and keep their guard up.


  • i agree with Bob, the couple had been in the seychelles for enough time to understand the risks. However they were very close to the main port, seemingly inside the outer islands. There are oter records ofvessels being approached inside the islands before. The piracy advice for heading south and north along the african coast recommends pasing the seychelles to the east!! Not good for there tourism economy. I hope the couple can stay safe and return home soon.
    I read that the british government does not pay ransom demands, so lets see what happens.
    As if seafarers didnt have enough to worry about with nature.
    Posted by rrsails 02/11/2009 22:44:43

  • How in the world can any thinking person cruise in a yacht that size, in those waters, without adequate protection?

    Posted by rmoran 30/10/2009 05:15:18

  • In my opinion, part of the blame is on owners/captains if they fall intot he hands of these modern day rogues, as I recall as far back as 2000 when I was walking the docks offering to work as deckhand/security (former Navy/Airborne) but was 1) laughed at, usually with this comment: "Pirates? like wit a parrot and sword?" or I'd get the "Uhh, you have tatoos, so no" or, even better: "It's a hassle to fill out the forms/deal with customs"... I even called the 9-11 attacks THREE days before it all all these stuffy owners/captains who are more worried about appearance, or dont want to plan ahead to ensure their safety/crew cafety, well then they deserve what they get...and if you're counting on the Navy to get their in time, well, it's like calling to have a deterrent till help arrives..
    Posted by Divemaster Harland_1 29/10/2009 10:52:19

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