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Daily Anchorage Fee in Auckland Voted Down

Aug 2nd 19
By Laura Dunn

For those traveling to Auckland, New Zealand, a proposal for a daily anchoring fee for foreign-flagged vessels has been nixed. In June, the Auckland Council and NZ Marine decided to drop the original proposal for the daily fee. “…[This] means New Zealand’s largest city, which holds a hub of superyacht activity, will carry on being welcoming to superyacht visitors,” says Peter Busfield, executive director, NZ Marine.

Particularly in light of the upcoming 2020/21 Prada and America’s Cup, “It was something local industry stridently wanted to avoid so that vessels with discretionary cruising plans — like superyachts — weren’t given a reason to avoid New Zealand,” says Busfield.

Instead, Auckland Council and NZ Marine devised a visitor-friendly, 12-month navigation and safety fee for vessels over 40 meters. With this new agreement, vessels will pay a one-off annual navigation and safety fee of NZ$20 (plus GST per meter of vessel). However, superyachts that go directly to a berth in Auckland City (or who are anchored for less than 24 hours while awaiting a berth) won’t be subject to the fee. “For the local industry, it means business as usual as we continue to build towards an exceptionally busy period,” Busfield says.

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