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M/Y Calamaba Runs Aground in Sardinia

Oct 18th 17


Riva 85 Opera, M/Y Calamaba, ran aground off Sardinia on Saturday, October 14, according to local publications. La Nuova Sardegna reports the yacht ran aground just before 8 p.m., on the rocks a few meters from Cala Sabina.  


Four people were reportedly on board at the time, but did not suffer serious injuries except for a few slight bruises from the yacht’s abrupt stop. They were transferred to the ground and the hospital with the help of Olbia Harbor Capitals, who helped coordinate recovery operations.  


Photos from social media show damage to the yacht’s hull. Even though the fuel tanks reportedly weren’t damaged, recovery operations ensued immediately to prevent pollution. The owner remained on board during this time to help coordinate safety and drifting operations with the rescue workers. 


The cause of the incident is yet to be determined. While some local newspapers attribute it to an anchor failure, Liguria Nautica claims this would be impossible and that a yacht of this size would need to be traveling at a significant speed to hit the rocks the way it did and result in a snapped hull and destroyed bow. Olbia’s Maritime Management is currently investigating the matter.

Photos: Instagram/@yachting_concept