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A Culinary Cruise

Jun 14th 11
By Victoria Allman

One of the perks of being a yacht chef is learning to cook new cuisines. As the boat travels from port to port this summer in the Med, the chef and guests are introduced to a menagerie of flavors. Mediterranean countries boast cuisines of the sun and though dishes from various countries and regions use similar ingredients, each meal will reflect the flavor and culture of each port you visit.

Each country and even region has its own traditions, recipes and methods of cooking. Eggplants, peppers and tomatoes may be the key ingredients to six different dishes in six different areas. But, the culinary history of each place makes each dish unique. 

So, how do you keep them all straight? And, how do you learn the recipes when you don’t speak the language? 

Take Dockwalk’s culinary cruise of the Internet through the Western Mediterranean and impress your guests with authentic regional dishes this summer. Each location will feature recipes for a starter or soup, a salad, a main dish, a side dish and a dessert. So as the captain plans the itinerary, chefs can plan the menus. Bon appetite!

Pa Amb Tomaquet
Tomato-rubbed bread

Curly endive, salt cod, anchovy and olive salad

Roasted vegetable salad

Seafood noodle dish

Crème Catalan
Catalan burnt cream

Palma de Mallorca
Mallorcan summer salad

Coca De Recapte
Flatbread with roasted vegetables

Mallorcan-style ratatouille

Lechon Asada
Roast suckling pig

Gato de Almendras
Almond cake with almond Ice cream

Crudites avec Anchoiade
Raw vegetables with anchovy dip

Olive paste with toasts

Salade Nicoise
Tuna, hard-boiled egg and green bean salad

Fish soup

Tarte aux Abricots
Apricot tart

Flat bread

Minestrone alla Ligure
Vegetable soup with pesto sauce

Trofie al Pesto alla Genovese
Pasta with basil and pine nut sauce

Tomato and bread salad

Fish stew with five fish – one for each C in the name

Roasted pork loin

Chestnut flour cake

Sweet and sour eggplant

Rice balls with cheese

Pasta con le  Sarde
Pasta with sardines

Pesca Spada Alla Siciliana
Grilled lemon and oregano swordfish

Deep-fried pastry with sweetened ricotta cheese




Pane Carasau

Dry, light, thin bread

Bottarga pasta

Pears with honey walnuts and pecorino cheese

Eggplant and tomato salad

Chicken and almond Pie

Tagine Daj
Chicken with preserved lemon and olive stew

Limun bel-Qerfa
Moroccan oranges in cinnamon and orange blossom water

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  • Thank you for posting all these wonderful recipes. Great inspiration. Headed to Sausalito and the best farmer's markets so I can do my own Med cuisine cruise. P.S. still wondering how that freelance charter worked out??
    Posted by T_1 18/06/2011 00:25:15

  • Have you prepared each and everyone? They all sound excellent! Thanks for the info!
    Posted by Chef Peter_1 15/06/2011 14:09:57

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