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Man Charged For Capt. Gollan's Murder

Feb 2nd 09

The Antigua Commissioner of Police issued this statement on January 31 in relation to the murder of Capt. Drew Gollan, skipper of the 163-foot Perini Navi Perseus.

"On 30 January, 2009, a 21 year resident of Potters, Sylvester Lindsey was arrested and charged for the murder of Drew Joseph Gollan of Australia which occurred in English Harbour on the 22nd January, 2009. The individual will be brought before the Court on Monday for the homicide. A .32 calibre pistol has been seized which we believe was involved in the offence.

Three other persons were detained in relation to the murder. Investigation is continuing and we will further advise if more charges are to be laid.

The success of the investigation was due to a team effort between the Police and Public. The Homicide and Intelligence Units of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda with the assistance of Crime Stoppers, the media and the general public pulled together to help solve the case. Numerous tips were received as well as members of the public have come forward to assist the police. It demonstrates that the level of cooperation between the police and public is increasing.

On behalf of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, we want to thank all who have assisted in solving this crime."



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  • Is it meant that the charged man from Potters was 21 years old or has been resident there for 21 years? It seem so uncanny that such a long term resident would be out robbing people at random.
    Posted by Jono Jack 03/02/2009 18:26:47

  • Got another email today from John Duffy at the Antigua Marine Association. You can be assured that the locals in Antigua take this incident seriously and are moving full speed ahead with measures to increase security. Lets hope they get this proposed program going. It will be good for everyone
    Posted by junior_1 02/02/2009 20:33:30

  • Unless this individual has confessed to the murder it is premature to assume that this crime has been solved. I truly hope for the families and friends of Capt Gollan that this is the guy and justice will be served. One must hear the conviction in a court of law that he is guilty.I hope that this tragic event marks the begining of the end of this type of crime in Antigua and the Police and Authority's will do all they can to make Antigua a safe place to visit. Although I read this from a distance it is very close to home for me having been there for last years Classic Yacht Regatta. Have walked that road many times between the Dockyard and Falmouth. At times one did feel less than comfortable in the evening hours when returning to the Dockyard.
    I did not know Capt Gollan but as a Captain I feel the loss of a Commrade.I send my heartfelt sympathy to the Family and Friends of Capt Gollan.
    Posted by yawlsail 02/02/2009 14:02:32

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