Bring It On (or Don't)

Jul 22nd 08
By Matt Gomez

Step lively: It’s time to head back to the yacht after taking some time off. Before you zip up your duffle bag, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your checklist.


Cuban cigars? Check!

Case of single malt Scotch? Check!

Stacks of your favorite magazines (you know, the ones with lots of photos but you “just read them for the articles”)? Check!


Oh yeah, and don’t forget your pet iguana. You wouldn’t want him to feel lonely while you’re away.

If this is your actual checklist, you may be in for a rude awakening when the captain comes a’ calling.

While these items sound like key ingredients for a lively crew party, they’re not necessarily the kinds of things you should be bringing aboard. At least not if you hope to work as a professional on that yacht.


The August 2008 issue of Dockwalk magazine features a list of items you should NOT bring on board a yacht. Some of those items are mentioned above, but there are so many more.


Do yourself a favor. Take the advice of Dockwalk editor-in-chief Kate Lardy and visit the forum to list your own items that you should NOT bring aboard a superyacht.


Sometimes the items you like the most may be the ones you’ll need to leave behind.


Share your list with your peers and don’t be shy. We’ve heard some real horror stories about what crew like to bring on board, and we’re always looking for new material.


See you in the forum. CLICK HERE NOW!


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