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qualified chef making move in 2013
Posted: Thursday, January 5, 2012 7:29 PM
Joined: 05/01/2012
Posts: 6

Hi all,

         Im a 26 year old chef currently running my own kitchen in a 10 bedroom country inn( upto 800 covers per week) , Ive been a chef 4 years and have quickly progressed to taking over the kitchen last year, im planning on leaving the uk feb 2013 and am currently enrolling on STCW, short range radio, powerboat level 2, kitchen to galley all of which will be completed before I move over. In  past work before chefing I served 4 years in the army as a radio operator and helicopter handler including 6 weeks on HMS Ocean. Is there any other course planning I should look to do before leaving. I was planning to get a mobile (Local) before heading out and getting business cards printed, cv's and covering letters e.c.t 

any advice on what to take with me, dock walking e.c.t would be gratefully recived


Happy Sailing

Posted: Thursday, January 5, 2012 8:23 PM
Joined: 22/04/2010
Posts: 45

I think that you have covered all the courses that you are going to need to work as a chef and some more. I would suggest a few things though when it comes to packing

  • Pack light with no hard cases, get a wheely bag though so that you don't break your back as well as they are hander to live in while you trying to find a job. I got a great clam bag from Musto years ago that I always take with me and love.

  • A Computer, even though you are doing well preparing yourself with CVs, cover letters and business cards. Having a computer on hand that isn't going to cost you 10c a minute to use is really helpful to send boats and agents menus and documents for possible jobs.

  • No books if you can help it, books are heavy and take up a huge about of space in your page if you can upload them to an e-book reader or ipad before you leave.

  • I wouldn't bring any knives or equipment you think you need for your job unless you can't live without them. Most boats will either have a good selection or be happy for you to go out spend money to prepare the kitchen the way you want it before the season. 

When it comes to dockwalking i've written a few ideas here that might give you some things to think about

as well as you should check out the crew coach if you are heading to Antibes for a few more tips on the industry and CV writing.

Good Luck with the job hunt don't forget to register with all the crew agents online before you head to Antibes or Palma in March/April. Here is a list of a few that i've tracked down that might be able to help but get out and spread the word.

Safe Sailing !

Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2012 2:21 PM
As a 50 yr old purser, over the years I have employed and fired many chef's. It is hard for them to understand what is needed to make it as a yacht chef. In the resturant you just have the van deliver every day or so for a menu that rarly changes. We have to stock up for weeks at a time and have a different menu every day. Plus you have to get used to sharing a cabin ( most of the time) living 24/7 with people you don't know and maybe would not chose as friends no personal time, throw in some sea sickness, demanding guests, and a strick no smoking rule on board and you quickly have resturant chefs going back to dry land.
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