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Info on Barbados USA B1/B2 visa
Posted: Thursday, February 17, 2011 4:05 PM
Joined: 24/10/2009
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Just thought I'd let those of you who are interested in the B1/B2 visa situation in Barbados. I was looking at dockwalk and also the US Visa website to get more info before my trip as some things have changed since the last time I made the trip. I struggled to find current info. This is what I found out from my experience;

Obviously, get all your stuff together before you get here - refer to the Bridgetown Embassy link from the US Visa website.....

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are their slowest days.

Book your appointment/interview for the afternoon session - 1.30pm. It is a lot less of a zoo than the morning sessions and you can get there from the airport in good time from any arrivals landing before noon. Taxi is about USD$25 and 20-25mins, straight to the embassy.

Get there early, goes without saying but I got there about 30mins early, there was no queue, the staff had just had their lunch break and were refreshed and therefor happy and courteous! From security check you go to a holding room where they issue you a number. Arriving at that time, I was third in line for a B1/B2. You are then taken to another building for the rest of the process, which is straightforward; hand your paperwork over; pay the cashier; go to another room to have your interview. At this time of day there was a short wait of about 10mins between each section. I was out the door with visa approved by 3pm. I could have easily made it on the 1730 flight back that day if you are happy to mail your passport back to get the sticker put in it.

Travel light, they do allow bags in the embassy but not phones. Not sure if laptops are permitted, I would imagine not. They have lockers to put your mobile phone in outside, which would fit a small backpack in there. Take a book into read along with your paperwork.

Collection; they no longer offer same day service for your passport. Only "emergency" situations can get processed in 24hrs. However, there seems to be a lot of leeway if you work on yachts and if you tell them your schedule is uncertain or you have to move the boat next week. I was able to return 36hrs later to collect it. (I did try to collect it 24hrs later, but the embassy had closed for the afternoon for a funeral. I am pretty sure it would have been ready to collect) The other option is to take your passport with you, fly back to Antigua or wherever and then mail it down for the visa to be put in it. There is a DHL desk in the embassy to organise this but I didn't trust the timeline I was given to get it back.

I stayed at "Time Out" hotel at Cunningham's Gap. 3* place, with a pool and opposite the beach. It's on one of the bar/restaurant tourist roads and costs between $110-150 /night. The taxi to the embassy is USD$10 to go and collect passport. Ran into a couple of other crew doing the 'visa run' staying here.

This was my 3rd trip here to get a B1/B2 renewed. The new embassy is far, far, more effecient. The whole experience was easy and straightforward. (I had to reschedule my flights do the unannounced embassy closing, flights were all booked so I ended up staying 3nights!) If I was to do it again I would allow a 2 night stay so you can have time to get your passport back.

Hope this helps!

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