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The Battle in Palm Beach Continues
Posted: Sunday, October 10, 2010 2:32 AM
Joined: 02/05/2008
Posts: 392

Rybovich’s plan to expand its operations by leasing city land at Riviera Beach city marina for a new service facility in Palm Beach has been a tough battle. According to The Palm Beach Post, Rybovich is now suing activists Emma Bates and Andrew Byrd for $10 million each. Bates and Byrd are members of the Citizens Task Force, a non-profit that’s trying to block the lease in an effort to keep the city marina public.


Rybovich was awarded a 25-year lease on the city land in September, subject to the outcome of a referendum in November. The Citizens Task Force is arguing that the city council had no authority to grant the lease and did not entertain other bidders; it sued the city in September, naming Rybovich as a co-defendant in the suit.


Rybovich was forced to countersue because Bates and Byrd “intentionally and unjustifiably” interfered with the company’s relationship with the city, The Palm Beach Post reports. Residents were to decide the issue through the referendum in November, but Rybovich viewed the lawsuit as “political retaliation” against the city, aiming to bring “direct harm to Rybovich.”


According to the story, “In addition to asking for damages, Rybovich asks the court to dismiss the task force suit and asks that the group be required to reimburse the company’s legal fees, arguing that the case is frivolous.”


Read the full story on here.

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