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Well, its started!
Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2009 12:44 PM
Joined: 18/08/2009
Posts: 6

Ok well those of you who have read my previous posts know i'm looking to get into the yacht world.

this has been brought one step closer as i've been accepted onto a marine yachting degree course with plymouth university :D

unfortunately i can leave my job, flat and bills behind quick enough for this year so i'll be hopefully defering my entry till next year by which point i'll be 26.

my question is would anyone be able to provide me with an entry level position in the meantime? i'm hoping to quit my job and start on a yacht asap and build some knowledge and get some sea time before I go to uni. then whilst on summer break from uni be back on the yacht working again.

is this viable? do the seasons actually work out this way? please give any advice you can as i'm quite excited about goign to uni now and i just want to make it as realistic as possible and pay some bills and save some money before i go and each summer

ideally i'd be looking at flotilla type work on smaller yachts as at the end of year 1 one the degree course i'll have acheived the yachtmaster (offshore) qualification (theory only) and would like to have the sea time logged to back  it up

thanks for your time again all

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