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Posted: Sunday, June 28, 2009 3:45 PM
Joined: 01/05/2008
Posts: 12

Luise Group report that they have been informed by  the Immigration Office of the Port of Naples that in the event of the next G8 Summit, from 28 June 2009 to 15 July 2009, Italy will be temporarily considered an extra Schengen country; for security reasons, Clearance procedures also require the full checking of all passports, regardless of nationality.

For more information contact Francesco as below:
13, via F. Caracciolo
80122 - Naples
Tel +39 081 96 333 96
Fax +39 081 96 333 33
mobile +39 348 38 68 538

e-mail or

Posted: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 3:19 PM
Joined: 01/05/2008
Posts: 65

To clarify: In response to the G8 Summit being held in Italy, Minister of Home Affairs Roberto Maroni announced that the Schengen Treaty would be suspended in Italy from June 28 to July 15, 2009, so travelers from Schengen area countries will have to carry a passport and go through border controls to enter Italy.

World leaders willl be meeting in L'Aquila for the Summit from July 810.


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