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Human Trafficking And Yachting ?
Posted: Friday, January 23, 2009 5:25 PM
Joined: 19/01/2009
Posts: 5


       You always hear the stories of someone getting an email for a spot on some yacht , then within 24hours they  are on a airplane, flying to their new job on a mega yacht.  But when trying to get your feet wet in a industry that doesn't have a permanent address, what can you do to stay safe? We all hear of the scams, where they try to trick you out of your money or steal your identity.  But what about the scam artist who wants just you? "Each year it is estimated that there are 1 million new victims of human trafficking" ( The US Department of State) 

         How do we protect ourselves from having this happen to ourselves?  I know if i was in the business of trafficking, the yacht industry would be great.  You have young adults who have lack of knowledge and the pressing need for a job, with an idea that they can have a plane ticket and a spot on a yacht within hours.  This would be, in my mind, an idea spot for getting exploited.  The regular newcomer has 3 bad qualities, lack of knowledge, trust in  almost anyone, and in my mind the worst of all, lack of patience.  A person who wants to expoit someone has to do a few things.  First if the person has any knowledge of what your intentions are then its harder to influence that person.  Second that person has to build trust with you. Trust will sometimes blind you, just like love can do, when you trust someone, you feel that they will only do whats best for you.  Which is not always the case.  Third they need to take your intellectual thinking part out of the idea, by giving you a time constrant. So first they find, you then they gain trust, then a connection followed by a time constraint.  So what do you have?  A person who has little experience, trust someone who they don't know, and they are running out of time. Is it a recipe for disaster, or a spot on your dream boat?

Ok, back on topic.  Has anyone heard of people being expoilted in this way?  Has anyone known of a friend who has disappeared in the industry?  How can we know the people offering us a job, is legit?  What are a few things that you do to protect yourself ?

Well, I just watched the movie Taken, so that kinda why I thought of this ...

Anyways, thanks for reading and feel free to give your thoughts.  Cheers

Posted: Friday, January 23, 2009 6:14 PM
Joined: 21/01/2009
Posts: 36

plenty of bad guys lurking on yachts.  Just like the real world.   Typically its harmless...they promise you the moon, you sign on and don't get paid.  Oh Well.  Live and learn.
  The nasties are drugs and predatory behavior towards girls. If you get raped...bad news, but,  Oh Well. you will get over it.   
 If you get caught up with drugs your are finished. I know of two crew that are in jail in bad places right now. Your life is ruined.  Beware. 
  I was just reading about a yacht crew that got arrested for smuggling drugs on a boat that they were delivering. They apparently had no idea that the drugs were literally built into the hull.  It turned out that there saving defense was that one of the crew kept a blog.  The defense was able to follow all the correspondence leading up to the yacht delivery by reading this well written blog .    Interesting.
 Another sensible precaution is to learn how to use your embassy when you are sailing in troubled water...for instance Columbia.   When you voluntarily check in with your embassy while traveling you are broadcasting your presence and giving your defense team one more golden nugget to  prove that you were a victim rather than a bad guy.  As a yacht captain I do it...I even know how to ask for a DEA inspection....usually scares the dope right out of my crews pockets....
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