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Crew for SuperYacht Cup in Antigua 2011
Posted: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 2:57 AM
Joined: 10/04/2009
Posts: 9

Can anyone recommend any Crew Agents, Yacht Agents or yachts in Antigua who may be sourcing temporary crew for the SuperYacht Cup this year?

Posted: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 7:00 AM
Joined: 14/01/2009
Posts: 1026

On top yachts the Captain is not in the crew invitation loop. Typically 75 percent of a crew is composed of trusted sailors or guests invited by the owner. The crew whom I recruited were industry guys...riggers, sailmakers.... . On my side The typical conversation would go like this...Hey Sailmaker !!... if you expect the boss to purchase a new Genoa this spring, please supply two trimmers and a sail repair guy for the Antigua Superyacht Cup. It would be wise to speak to a sailmaker and make yourself available. Sailmakers have a hard time finding availbe beef to supply to customers. If this wont work in your situation try the backdoor route. The bottom of a racing yacht must always be prepared before and durring a regatta. . Rent a dive tank, swim out to the yacht with a soft 3m scatchbright pad in hand and shout from sealevel...bottom wash !!!...need a crew ?. Chances are that you will immediatly be hired for the event.
Posted: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 10:17 PM
Joined: 01/05/2008
Posts: 11

Nobody is recruiting crew for the Antigua Superyacht Cup it has been cancelled.
Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2011 8:27 AM
Joined: 14/01/2009
Posts: 1026

Hmm...interesting. No reason given on the Superyacht cup site. Lack of sponsor ? or could it be the dreaded WORM Winds ? Ive always worried about the WORM tradewind problem in Antigua , particulary on the beat up Cade Reef and the tight reach to reach jibe at the Dinga Dong. . Global warming and climate change is known to make these Worm Winds even more treacherous . Perhaps owners and skippers , after reading the Superyacht cup invitation , for the sake of guest safety , withdrew from this Superyacht WormWind event ? "With Worm trade wind sailing, crystal-clear blue waters and colorful parties, The Superyacht Cup Antigua is every owner's perfect start to the Caribbean season! Things just aint like the old days...Dam Worm Wind...........
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