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Diesel prices between Genoa and Malaysia
Ewan Grocott
Posted: Tuesday, January 4, 2011 8:58 PM
Joined: 08/09/2009
Posts: 5


Does anyone know of any websites or other materials that can assist me in finding out average Diesel prices for a passage from Genoa (Italy) to Langkawi (Malaysia). I have to stop every three days for fuel so finding the cheapest spots to fill up will make quite a difference in the end fuel cost.

Many Thanks

Posted: Friday, January 7, 2011 5:44 PM
Joined: 05/06/2008
Posts: 12

You don't say what your actual range is. But in any case, high speed diesel prices nowadays are much the same in most places, assuming you can arrange to take it under bond (duty free). As I am aware, you can easly arrange bonded fuel in Syracusa, Cyprus (Larn), Port Said, Suez, Sharm, Pt Sudan, Jeddah, Mitsawa, Salalah or Aden, (buy/fill some barrels on deck for crossing to ..) SriLanka (Gaul) and Langkawi which is duty free in any case. Beware unnecessary agents who may charge almost the price difference between taxed and non taxed to arrange bond as most decent fuel suppliers, particularly Shell and BP etc., will usually be able to arrange the bond documentation at no charge. Lastly, try to operate at the end of the flat element of the fuel consumption curve, and not somewhere into the 'hockey stick', even if it feels nice, as the latter may/will double your consumption for no more than a quarter or half an extra knot. Make sure day tanks are well calibrated and easily read for readings at end of every watch to maintain calculation of fuel consumption accurately.
Capt Kaj
Posted: Monday, January 10, 2011 9:29 AM
Joined: 05/08/2008
Posts: 83

Hi Ewan,

Contact the guys at Yacht Fuel Services in the UK, they have agreements and supply fuel for all of your route, give them your places of choice that you want to bunker and the amount and they can advise you if it is a good place to take on fuel or not and the prices. Sometimes you won´t get prices confirmed too far out, but they will advise you on this. Their tel number is+44 870 608 2124. Their website is

These guys are professional bunkering agents and not cowboys, they have been around for years and I have used them all over the world. You could well find out that bunkering without an agent is expensive and almost impossible in dodgy places and the quality could be dubious, not what you are after on your long passage is it!

Happy sailing!

Capt Kaj

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