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Living with a PIG... Please help!
Posted: Monday, January 25, 2010 3:25 PM
How do I change the habbits of a cabin mate that is a loud when he comes in, leaves lights on and snores like a steam train? I find it hard to sleep and the bathroom and cabin smell like hell, I am sick of it. Everyone else has shared with him and nobody wants to swap cabins, so I either leave or find a magic solution. Help me please!!!!!!!
Posted: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 4:52 AM
Joined: 16/04/2009
Posts: 155

Talk to the pig, live with it or get out.

Posted: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 9:38 PM
I had a cabinmate that snored like that...couldn't help it, so I dropped a hardcover book on the floor every time. Makes a good cracking sound. As for the stink, old habits die hard I've seen. We had a stewardess like that...never got the picture. Maybe scrub out the bathroom and put something nice in there...a scented oil diffuser, show him you're making an effort. Maybe he'll try as well. If still to no avail, leave a bar of soap on his pillow...still not working, then you might have to make that well placed comment/joke about the hygiene issue, which is sometimes awkward. Maybe something to the tune of, I know you're here because I can smell you before I can see "jest" of course. Good luck.
Fifty-Meter Flavor
Posted: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 12:43 PM
Joined: 29/09/2009
Posts: 13

Have you tried talking to the guy about his hygene habits? Doesn't your captain have rules about keeping your cabin clean? I don't know that I have ever worked on a boat that did not have rules about keeping your personal space tidy. I'd try talking to the guy first, but if that doesn't work, I'd say something to your captain. For the snoring - earplugs, a clip-on fan or something that makes white noise and a couple tubes of tennis balls works for me. The tennis balls might also help get your point across when he comes in loud. My cabin mate can always tell if he has been snoring by the number of tennis balls on the floor in the morning. A light toss will fix it most of the time, and then there are times I have to really humm a ball at him to stop the chainsaw from running. He says if there were not tennis balls on the floor, he'd never know I'd been throwing them at him. Of course, it would probably be a good idea to bounce that idea off of your roommate before your enact that plan.
Posted: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 1:52 PM
Best to avoid any discussions and fight fire with fire. Try this...pick up a case of B + M baked beans, boil up 4 dozen eggs and a crate of brussel sprouts, then gorge on them each evening before bedtime. After a week or so of powering up, you should have smoked the bugger out and off the yacht. Problem confrontation...
Posted: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 4:24 PM
The smell is unacceptable. If you are smelling it then the guests are probably as well when dealing with the crewmate in question. As far as snoring, it is not intentional. Breathright nose strips help some and sometimes surgery can relieve snoring. Count your blessings you aren't in an open bay military barracks with many snorers. If you can't sleep through snoring you aren't tired enough. Go do some more work or get some rum in your diet.
Crew Confessor
Posted: Monday, February 1, 2010 7:27 AM
Joined: 20/11/2008
Posts: 94

Dear Stye Dweller,

You have my sympathies.  The limited space of the crew quarters on a yacht leave no room for the personal expression of less than tidy habits.  The added information that your crewmate is also not keeping himself clean and that the entire cabin reeks, well, that is just wrong, wrong, wrong!

You tell me that this crew person has been aboard for some time and has in fact shared a cabin with "everyone else," and "nobody wants to swap cabins (no surprise there)," and yet you offer no explanation why his behavior has been tolerated for such a length of time, why?  Why is this guy so special?  Is he a magical engineer,  only he knows where all the glitches and spare parts are?  What???

I have to ask because this sort of long term behavior has no place on a proper yacht.  It is not fair to you or the rest of the crew, and if the guy stinks the owners and guests will know too, at least eventually he will.

Since this is not a new thing and it is a long standing issue that has affected so many of the rest of the crew I place blame squarely on the shoulders of the Captain.  He should have had a better pulse of the situation several crew cabinmates ago, and should have made ultimatums to shape up or ship up some time ago.
No one is indispensable on a yacht or just about any sort of job.  Next time this guy has a day off I suggest you gather up all of the stinky clothes etc... and stuff them in sacks and bomb your cabin with Febreeze.  Have a talk with your captain, bring some crewmates along too. With the captain's support clean everything out of the cabin and head.  When the filthy crew person returns confront him with the facts and (again with the support of the captain) explain that this is the last chance etc...

Ultimately situations like this are the responsibility of the captain.  I'd like to think that most yacht crew are responsible and mature enough to solve such problems before they become an issue, but as you have discovered for yourself, it can be complicated.   I'd also like to think that most captains would be aware of such a problem, especially since this person has worked his way through the entire crew, before it became such an issue.  Your captain needs to step up and lay down the law.

There are many yacht crew out there who are, given to their own devices, naturally sloppy.  That's fine, when they are living on land they can be as slovenly as they like as long as they know how to snap to it when they are living and working on a yacht.

The personal hygiene thing is a little harder to stomach.  If you need to be told to shower frequently, brush and floss your teeth and wear clean clothes, well then I think you need to rethink your career choice.  Try the Army! 

The Crew Confessor is very happy to hear that the tennis balls are still being used to combat snorers, and encourages everyone sharing a cabin with a snorer to use the breathe rite strips, they really do help.  Or, you can always do what I did, try to get to bed (and asleep) first, because if course the Crew Confessor does not snore!

Here's to Freshening Breezes,

Your Crew Confessor

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