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Crew Uniform - Returns Policy
Posted: Monday, November 23, 2009 10:45 AM
Joined: 20/09/2009
Posts: 6

Please help. I recently started on a motor yacht as chief stew and have been going through all the uniform with the intention of inventorying it all. I've found a lot of uniform, still with tags on that is not used on the boat. For example, the girls wear skorts when the boss is on and we have shorts in the bilge. I contacted the very unhelpful crew outfitters (based in Antibes - don't want to name names) and proposed that they buy them back from us even at a reduced cost as they still sell them and have an opportunity to sell them on again. Not surprisingly, they weren't interested and didn't want to help as the original sale was outside of the 4 weeks return policy they have. What is a girl to do? What have other chief stews done in the past? Is this the reason for a much obsolete uniform sitting around in bilges? I look forward to your suggestions.
Posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 2:59 PM
Kim, try e-bay, or even the classifieds in a marine publication such as Triton
Posted: Thursday, November 26, 2009 6:53 PM
Joined: 06/01/2009
Posts: 6

Hi Kim,
With all the money around superyachts, instead of trying to make a few bucks, how about you donate the uniform to a charity. We've just had a total overhaul of our uniform, and with the owners blessing, we're donating all the old uniforms to a local charity.

Posted: Friday, November 27, 2009 6:17 AM
Joined: 29/09/2008
Posts: 5

Hi, I think its great that you didnt take the easy way and just throw them out, ebay is good idea and I dislike them in Antibes I bought uniforms for half price this year by using uk suppliers instead of them, and the quality is the same you can get polos printed for 10 11 € max and cheaper
Posted: Thursday, December 3, 2009 10:35 PM
Joined: 08/07/2009
Posts: 1

Events Clothing have a 60 day return policy on stock items with a small re-stock fee of $45NZD.
English Andy
Posted: Friday, December 4, 2009 6:55 AM
Joined: 17/09/2008
Posts: 93

Here goes from a Captain's perspective ...... after all I have to justify the costs of everything out in the Middle East .... even on a 60m M/Y!

Out here if you buy anything, unless it expressely says you have a week to change items

Firstly, is the uniform the same colour scheme as the charter/guest uniform?  If it is muster the crew with it on and look at the quality of uniform being worn.  If it is shaby, washed out or marked then change it from your vast stock.  I insist that these old clothes then become the winter working clothes, or they are either given to charity (there are some very poor people out here!), or given to the interior staff who chop them up for rags.  After the interior have "killed" these rags, they are then washed and make there way to the engine room for mopping up spills etc ...... perhaps recycling at it's best? 8)

Hopefully, that will reduce your stocks!

Secondly,  If the uniform is an old style you have three options here: 

     a.   Use your network of Chief Stews to see if any are using the same items.  Then speak to the Captain about offering these old style uniforms to other crews at much reduced price.  If you can't return them to the shop, then beat them at there own game - after all they are still tagged and in good condition!  You win by getting cash, the other crew win by saving money ....... the loser is the shop/ suppliers!

      b.  Out here we have a "swap shop". By that I mean we barter between crews in true Arabic fashion as all chandlery supplies are hard to come by, and to fly stores in is very expense and then customs have to be negotiated by the pallets! Do you need an interior item another yacht is willing to part with in exchange for uniform?

     c.   If the uniform is bagged, perhaps you could consider offering them to the Captain as gifts.  You'll be amazed how a yacht T-shirt can ease the pains of a Suez Transit ..... or by thanking tradesman for a good quality service. They'll never know it's not wanted by the yacht and will be thankful for little gifts like this.  Consequently, when you need some these guys will be there quicker than a Jack Rabbit..... it always works!! 8)  But the decision to give the uniform away in this manner rests purely with the Captain...... be warned!

     d.   Lastly, with seasonal crew sub paragraph C applies.  If they have done a good job reward them, a great way to advertise themselves if the yacht has a good name; but think that your T shirts will be on display at reknown pubs ashore!

One final point, I get quality printed T-shirts (polos, long sleeve work T shirts) for a fraction of the European price.  My last purchase was 21 long sleeve work T shirts for 800 Dirhams ...... cost in Euros at today rate about 140 Euros or about 6.5 Euros each!  If you would like contact details of my suppliers to conduct your own cost assessments, please email me at

Hope this helps...........   



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