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MCA requirements to renew STCW firefighting or medical certificate
Posted: Monday, May 11, 2009 6:39 AM
Joined: 13/02/2009
Posts: 23

Every yacht I join this question comes up at some point:

Does the basic and advanced STCW firefighting and medical certificate expire after 2 or 5 years and is it renewable by just a short refresher course or does the entire course need to be re-done?

And, if there is a need to re-new either within a certain period, iIs there a grace period if you pass the deadline?

Would your captain's, officer's or engineer's ticket be invalid if you do not have a valid certificate of either course and how strictly does MCA implement this?


Mike French
Posted: Monday, May 11, 2009 4:13 PM
Joined: 06/05/2008
Posts: 57


The  STCW convention requires re training, re-validating or updating within five years.  Most STCW  licences are only valid for 5 years for that reason.  If you train at a higher level then this level in effect 'supercedes' the original and the validity starts fromthe date of completed further training.

The advanced first aid is the only course that needs to be revaildated through training.  The course is 4 days long.  There is no grace period stated but if documents are in transit or there are extenuating circumstances the MCA has, I am told, been known to grant extensions although I cannot corroborate this or the exact circumstances that led to this. 

The validity of your licence is dependent upon the both the flag state and, in many cases, the STCW convention requirements being satisfactorily maintained.  Faliure to do so could cause many problems for the licence holder.  It is the seafarers responsibility to ensure compliance with the rules regarding their individual training requirments. 

Don't risk contravening the safe manning requirements of your vessel.  If in doubt check it out!

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