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Newbie Poster Needs Advice Re Yacht Events Co
Posted: Tuesday, March 3, 2009 1:35 PM
Joined: 02/03/2009
Posts: 2

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong thread

I am currently looking at setting up an events company based in the south of France especially designed to provide events on yachts throughout the Mediterranean. Do you think there is demand for such a service?

I have worked for a UK based events company who have provided services on various boats around the Monaco and Cannes area. From past experience putting an event onto a boat is very different to a land based event.

We will provide all the usual event services i.e. catering, flowers, lighting, sound, entertainment etc however everything will be designed with the boat in mind therefore it will load on and off much easier and quicker. Technical equipment will be specially protected and finished in white to blend into the surroundings. Food will be designed around small galleys prepared by chefs who know how to work in a confined space. The idea is if a client requests an event onboard their boat then the crew can make one call and any or all of the services can be provided. This will reduce the overall impact on the day to day operation of the vessel whilst providing a much more custom feel to the event.

We have approached some of the charter companies who are quite keen on the idea; we would also market the concept to owners directly. What we do not know is how often an owner will ask the Captain / Steward to arrange an event!

Any thoughts / advice you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.


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