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Work smarter not harder
Spot Zero
Posted: Thursday, September 11, 2008 7:26 PM
Joined: 02/07/2008
Posts: 1

I have heard that my whole life and I am continually looking for the most productivity from my efforts. Nothing wrong with being as effective as possible right? In the spirit of inovation we at Spot Zero have launched our new Freshwater RO as a replacement for those tedious water softeners. With a dedicated and fully integrated freshwater RO you can have 2-10 ppm water for wash down bathing and cleaning. This machine removes the need to Shammy period. With nothing in the water it is impossible to leave residue that causes spots. Increase the life of your paint, your internal water bearing machines, take the best shower possible (most clients prefer it to their homes!)  and enjoy the cleanest hot tub ever.  With over 25 overjoyed clients in the Luxury Yacht and Sport Fish categories we are sure a quick bit of research will bring you the same conclusion they have. It's a must have. I am happy to provide references and consultations.


John Blattner


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