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Good people leave bad employers

I’ve not been particularly happy lately, head office have dwindled down crew numbers, paid late and expect crew to go the extra mile. Vacation requests go unnoticed, travel allowances get paid only after several requests and for the longest time we didn’t even have a chef onboard. I really don’t like changing jobs, but when I write out the pro’s and con’s of my current job there isn’t much that keeps me here. Loyalty is a two way street in my book and I am tired of driving down a one way street that leads to a dead end. The > more

GoFundme relief fund for the Dominican Republic. > more

The Darkside of the Industry....sssh no one likes to speak of it.

Yachting is a strange and wonderful world.  Life takes us down different paths and we briefly may meet someone that seems for like only a moment and poof, they are gone.  Years later you run into them and once you had helped them up their ladder of success, now they are there for your continued climb, this happens alot in this industry.  Keeping in touch in some way shape or form with yachting without actually working on a boat is interesting and that was just what Johnnie had done.  Took nearly a two year hiatus from the stank of crappy > more
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