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Ximera crosses the Atlantic

26∞51.57 N - 016∞ 37.19 W to Dolphins and a small boat are our companion for the night. The wind has changed to NNW and now we can head again 220∞, we want the butter to melt! Keeping Orion to our starboard above the mast help us to keep our pulpit addressing WSW.And now as we settle into our night watch pattern, the wind is gusting upto 22 knots so we quickly put in two reefs so it's more manageable for the night. Despite the reefs we are still pulling over 9 knots and making great time down to Cape > more


     Hello everyone out there in yachtland!  Whether you are looking for work as a solo act or on a team or transitioning from either land to sea, or sea to land, or any position and most any transition especially from the world of cruiselines, rivercruises or even the navy there is a site out there you can post your CV on to get noticed without having to do all that bloody dock walking.  I have been doing research on these sites and have used many of them in my pursuit for helping candidates whether they have 25 years experiences or > more

American CBP sting

I heard a rumor about customs and border protection running a day worker sting designed to quantify the number of foreign nationals seeking work and working in marinas and shipyards.    During past boat shows I heard stories about people being stopped, questioned and then deported, so this sort of thing is nothing new.    Regardless of what people say or think looking for work and working without papers is 100% illegal.....   > more
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