• Patrick_21

  • Member Since: May 13th 12
  • Position: Looking for work
  • Boat: Private
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: Currently in Palma looking for work. Previously working as a Personal Chef on St Georges Hill, Surrey for a HNW family. I have a great deal of experience in fine dining, low GI, sugar free and wheat-free cooking. Health focus represented in my cooking. I
  • My Interests: Football, swimming, watersports, fitness, golf

  • 155' yacht

  • Member Since: Jul 19th 15
  • Position: Captain
  • Boat: Golden Compass
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: 25 years in the maritime industry working both yachting and commercial side. Licensed as USCG master 3000 ITC, USCG Engineer Unlimited horsepower and MCA Master Class 4.
  • My Interests: Diving, tennis, working out, biking, technology.

  • Ben_29

  • Member Since: Dec 4th 10
  • Position: Bosun
  • Boat: Looking
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: Experienced 2nd Officer looking for 2nd Officer position on boats 55m+ or first officer on smaller. 5 years experience (2 as bosun) with a 5 month stand in as first officer on 50m feadship going through an intense Lloyds 5 year survey as well as becomin
  • My Interests: Rugby, Diving, Skiing, Reading and Film

  • lisajones

  • Member Since: Apr 25th 10
  • Position: Looking for work
  • Boat:
  • Location: Vancouver, Canada
  • About Me: I am an avid traveller and take any opportunity I can to visit somewhere new or try a new activity. I love entertaining, having dinner parties with elaborate menus and wine and food pairings. I enjoy cooking, wine and cheese making. During the summer I l
  • My Interests:

  • Yovanke004

  • Member Since: Oct 27th 15
  • Position:
  • Boat:
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: I have studied Early Childhood Development. I've Aupaired for a family in Seattle, looked after a 2 year old boy for 2 years. I have worked for the Disney Cruise Lines as a Youth Activities Counselor for 2 years. I have always had a dream of working o
  • My Interests: Photography, snowboarding, water sports, cycling, running, guitar, music, gym, reading.

  • Kate Eccles

  • Member Since: Nov 8th 15
  • Position: Looking for work
  • Boat: Private
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: I have spent many years on boats, especially for competitive yacht racing. I gave up the corporate world to follow my dream job of working on boats, turning my passion into a full time career, and I've never looked back! I enjoy being around people an
  • My Interests: Sailing (racing & cruising), photography, travel, music, socialising, paddle boarding, yoga, fitness, hiking, cycling, F1 Grand Prix

  • Dimitar1975

  • Member Since: Oct 19th 15
  • Position: Chef
  • Boat:
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: I have spent more than 5 years working at 5 star cruise lines & 5 star hotel, in the capacity of both behind the scenes and in a customer facing role. From this, I have gained a great deal of experience in preparing, presenting and storing food, maint
  • My Interests: Fitness, Tennis, Movies and new receipt for the kitchen .

  • aimanali

  • Member Since: Nov 20th 15
  • Position: Mate
  • Boat:
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: dear sir: I am 2nd off from 1994 long time have dp basic hard worker ,worked as master on bunker barges in Malta and Ch. Off on some ships so I have good expense at sea ....
  • My Interests:

  • Wesley Dean Tucker

  • Member Since: Oct 14th 11
  • Position: Dayworker
  • Boat: Moon Goddess
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: I am seeking a permanent Mate/Dive Master or Bosun/ Dive Master position onboard a busy charter motor yacht with my partner. I have gained my MCA notice of eligibility (NOE) and have the intent of completing my outstanding officer of the watch modules and
  • My Interests: Hobbies • Body boarding, Surfing, Jet skiing, Scuba diving, Wake boarding, Sports fishing, Spear fishing, Hiking.

  • Anne Savu

  • Member Since: Nov 23rd 15
  • Position: Deckhand
  • Boat:
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: Having recently completed my day skipper, I see yachting as a long term commitment and career. I'm looking for a vessel for which I can develop my skills and progress over the coming years , eventually leading to further certification and my officer o
  • My Interests: Someone once said: "a journey of a thousands miles begins with a single step"... so here i am! I strongly believe that my profile contains important elements which make clear my position and my intention concerning this industry... i want to le

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