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  • Alberto23

  • Member Since: May 4th 11
  • Position: Engineer
  • Boat:
  • Location: Fort Lauderdale, USA
  • About Me: Ideally, I am Seeking a Chief Engineer position on a 50m+ private or charter motor yacht. I have over 23 years hands-on of experience working 10 years on Cargo, Passenger, Container and Research Vessels, 4 years in a shipyard (USA-Brooklyn, Dutch, Ukraine
  • My Interests:

  • oceanviento

  • Member Since: Feb 12th 09
  • Position: Chef
  • Boat: M/Y A' Salute
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: I am looking for a freelance, seasonal or permanent chef position. I enjoy cooking Mediterranean and California cuisine, American and Thai food. I make homemade breads and desserts, frequently "reduced-guilt" healthier versions. A hard w
  • My Interests: Cooking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, photography, jet skiing, swimming, reading, watching old movies.

  • Pirireis

  • Member Since: Sep 22nd 10
  • Position: Chief Engineer
  • Boat: Piropo Iv
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: My purpose is to find an engineer job.I am looking for an excellent yacht company with a good salary.I am open to each country, any location where there is a position to be filled.I am ready to work on yachts.Thank you. Kind regards.
  • My Interests: Travelling, Driving, Fishing, Reading, Sailing...

  • Dale_1

  • Member Since: Oct 24th 08
  • Position: Captain
  • Boat: "Heaven's Gate"
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me:
  • My Interests:

  • Leonid

  • Member Since: Sep 5th 08
  • Position: Captain
  • Boat: Nomad
  • Location: Ciotat, France
  • About Me: STCW Master Unlimited, sober and non-smoker, diver and sky-diver, like to travel.
  • My Interests: Work on sea, travel and sport.

  • Keenan Wollheim

  • Member Since: Mar 18th 16
  • Position: Deckhand
  • Boat:
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: I am a young presentable and well qualified young man. I have completed a 2 year contract aboard a 77 meter world explorer. I have extensive yachting and boating experience and have spent most of my life on boats. I have my Yacht Master Offshore, S
  • My Interests: Fishing, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, skiing, surfing and diving

  • Steven C

  • Member Since: Sep 4th 13
  • Position: Captain
  • Boat:
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me:
  • My Interests:

  • Romola

  • Member Since: Jun 10th 18
  • Position: Looking for work
  • Boat:
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: Seeking a long-term position as a Chief Stewardess where I can utilize the skills I have gained having a solid and accomplished hospitality background before moving on to my career in yachting. Looking to join a great team where I can develop a long-term
  • My Interests: Hiking, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Music, Reading, Fine Dining, Travelling

  • Jorge Izquierdo

  • Member Since: May 30th 18
  • Position: Captain
  • Boat:
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me: Looking for a permanent long-term Captain position where my experience working on a broad range of yachts of diverse sizes of crew and yachting programs can be utilised. Excellent in Guest Relations and Concierge, Crew Training and Teaching, New Build
  • My Interests: Hiking, Mountain Biking, Sailing, Motorbiking, Martial Arts, History, Music.

  • StinaLynn

  • Member Since: Nov 7th 16
  • Position: Stew/ Deck/ Cook
  • Boat: Private
  • Location: Not Defined.
  • About Me:
  • My Interests:

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