Below Deck training video

When I was watching the crew reality show “Below Deck” the other night, I was ready to join in on the tweeting frenzy and point out Andrew’s (the deckhand) lack of everything, Kate’s (the chief stew) ability to ignore the service-with-a-smile maxim and wondered if that airplane ticket from Capt. Lee would finally show up with Andrew’s tip. That may still happen, as show editors ended the episode when the charter guests left, keeping viewers waiting until next week.  But as I thought better of tweeting my negative thoughts, feeling that the drama involved is, for a large part, instigated > more

Pill popping relief Captain

Apparently our relief Captain needed something to help him sleep, or at least that's what this guy told the full-time Captain when he checked the medical kit during hand-over.  Sleep aids are nothing new, but regularly using a controlled medicine from a ships medical kit for a sleep aid sounds like substance abuse to me....... The temp guy was very forgetful and slow to figure out things.  After a few weeks I saw the same half baked Captain on another yacht and I guess the "Don't ask don't tell" doctrine keeps this guy in work.  I eventually told our manager > more

Renting/riding motor scooters and health insurance!

An ex crewmember and long time international health insurance broker - I have clients from Bali, Indonesia to the Caribbean (and visit them as often as i can ; ) In many of these places the mode of transport is often motorscooters/bikes and there are so many horror stories about accidents in these countries.  So two wheelers left home with travel insurance right???  but who is reading their insurance wording? Is motorscooter riding (licensed or not) an exclusion or is it covered?  Having had an emergency airlift from the Caribbean (and in the USA!) I understand the importance of > more

An Interview with Penum Provisions

  The Stewardess Bible talks with Penum Provisions about their online Yacht Provisions service When was Penum founded and who are the company directors?Founded in early 2013, the company’s directors are Toby Treacher and Simon O’Neill. Building on their experience working for other provisioners, they saw an opportunity to change the industry and founded the company. Penum is bursting with energy, offering a new Provisioning solution for Yacht Crew, across the Cote d’Azur and is gaining a loyal following. What is the mission statement from Penum Provision?Our mission at Penum is to exceed our customer’s expectations, based around four principles of: Fair > more

Captain convenience(2)

Naive or arrogant it seems certain Captains are more inclined to maintain their lifestyle rather than the yacht they command. Yachts are designed and built for the pleasure of the owner, yet some yachts are berthed and refitted in places which are more suited to the needs of the Captain.  Why would a Captain look out for the owner when they can look out for themselves.  What kind of Captain do you work for? A professional that has the owners best interests in mind or the type of Captain that runs his show, cuts out early, arrives late and jams > more

Sexual Harassment, Bullying & Discrimination in The Super Yacht Industry.

IMPORTANT! Sexual Harassment, Bullying & Discrimination in The Super Yacht Industry.This is an article I felt compelled, to write due to the amount of emails that I was receiving on this subject. > more

Interview with Sole Super Yacht Stewardess Esther Busuttil   This beautiful, hard working super yacht stewardess from the tiny island of Malta brings a warmth and gentleness that is sure to warm your heart. Interview with Sole Super Yacht Stewardess Esther Busuttil   What is your star sign? Taurus  Where do you come from? I come from the island of Malta How long have you lived in The South of France and how did you come to live there? First time I found myself in the south of France was back in 2007. I did my STCW95 in Australia (where I had been travelling for 2 and a half years) and I was > more

Whats makes a good chief engineer

  Lets face facts, there are engineers and there are good engineers.    I’d say engineers are employed for their years of experience and ability to prevent problems and keep the engineering team and yacht to a high degree of preparedness.    The best way to tell you have a good Chief Engineer is to measure how long it takes before the second engineer can operate the machinery correctly. I don’t know how many times I’ve trained an unskilled guy to perform highly skilled tasks.   A good chief will know he or she has to deal with what they’ve got for staff. There’s > more

YACHTS CHEFS impacted by MLC!

Following the introduction of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 to the yachting industry there have been a number of new certification requirements for crew. As of the 7 August 2014 all unqualified chefs on board commercial vessels who cook for 10 or more crew will be required to hold an official Ship’s Cook Certificate in addition to their Food Safety Certificate. Please 'like' SEVEN SEAS HEALTH' on FB for full story! > more

What Does A Super Yacht Stewardess Do?

    For many years people at home would ask me what exactly does a super yacht stewardess do? and I’m sure many thought  I just smiled nicely whilst serving tea and coffee to the guests on board (similar to that of an airline stewardess). So what exactly does a super yacht stewardess do?  A super yacht stewardess wears many hats, think housekeeper, waitress, safety officer, guest relations, butler, laundress, florist and well groomed hostess. A typical day may include: Drinks Service:  Drinking is at the cultural epicenter of every social group on the planet and  a yacht stewardess must be extremely > more

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