Hello eveyone,  I just received this message via likedin, just to be aware this is not from Cunard, not the reply mail to a gmail account! Cunard Cruise Line Carnival House 100 Harbour Parade Southampton, Hamphire, UK S015 1ST http://www.cunard.com/ Cunard Cruise Line want to use this medium to announce to general public that vacancies is now on for all applicants.We are seeking qualified candidates with the knowledge, skills and attitude, passion for excellence and quality service,who will fill the following vacant position below: *Engineer *Captain *Sous Chef *Director of Sales *Public Relations Manager *Mate Engineer *Deckhand *First Mate *Stewardess *Chef *Managing Director *Steward *Cook * Geotechnical Regional Superintendent *2nd Engineer *2nd/3rd Officer *Waiter *Customer Care Representatives *Guest Room Attendants *Cleaners *Assistant Director *Assistant Manager *Sales Manager *Snr.Markerting Manager *IT Manager *1st Mate *Director > more

Tips For Getting Through Stressful Holiday Charters(2)

Part of the challenge, adventure and experience of yachting is to not only make what sometimes seem like impossible tasks possible but to do them flawlessly, exceeding expectations at all times. This can cause a lot of stress as it becomes important to do our best and sometimes we have had only just a few hours of sleep. As we go through the holiday charters and deal with demanding requests, short turnarounds, last-minute changes to number of guests, schedules, crew drama and piles of never-ending laundry, it’s important not to let stress effect yourself or others. To read more check > more

Tips For Getting Through Stressful Holiday Charters

http://theyachtingmentalityasurvivorsguide.wordpress.com/2014/11/13/tips-for-getting-through-stressful-holiday-charters/ > more

B grade leadership and people

B grade leaders and crews don’t do their job well, or arrive on time, never miss a meal break and know exactly when their shift ends and how many days vacation the have.    They are expert at working through hangovers, sneaking in smoke breaks, working at a snails pace and never finishing jobs  correctly. Slackness might not get a person fired straight away, but the fact someone is falling below the grade are reasons for special talks, warnings closer supervision and sometimes random drug testing.    Problems back home and hidden agendas are very often the root cause of > more

The Stewardess Bible Interviews Superyacht Nanny Arielle Maia

If you were to look up wanderlust in the dictionary there would be a picture of this gorgeous little mermaid Arielle Maia Where do you come from?  Annapolis, MD, USA What do you do in your spare time?  I love anything that keeps me active. Lately I’ve gotten really into boxing since we’ve had a few months on land and I joined a recreational league softball team as well which has been a blast. What makes you laugh? Everything. I can find something funny in almost everything but in particular, when you get my best friends and I together, we turn > more

Patience and The Superyacht Stewardess

 Finding Patience On a charter superyacht in season it may be weeks before your next day off. You may be having to deal with, literally, the most demanding people on the planet for as many as 18 hours of the day.     In this environment perfection is a minimum requirement, and under these strains a superyacht stewardess has to develop superhuman levels of patience. It's not a job for everyone, but those who get a thrill from providing immaculate service in difficult circumstances have plenty of tips to share for those who are finding patience difficult to come by.  Working in > more

Widespread Chick V mosquito borne virus in Cariibean this year

Chikungunya virus is widewspread in the Caribbean now. This long lasting, painful virus is spread by infected mosquitoes. Cover up (yeah right!) or use a good repellent. Those nasty chemicals may be a better option than the virus.  http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/2014/05/best-way-to-stop-bug-bites/index.htm > more

Crew positions start ASAP

So you've been in your current job for a little over two years and thinking of making a change.  You have upgraded your qualifications and want to progress.  You've been half looking for six months and your starting to see the job market heat up and notice there's a lot of START ASAP JOBS. Ummmm what happened to the other person? Why does the job sound awesome, but the salary suck? The captain has been there for years and the owners are nice people, but why does this boat have a bad reputation and burn through crew? Heavy charters, big > more

An Interview with Super Yacht Chief Stewardess Angela Orecchio

An Interview with Super Yacht Chief Stewardess Angela Orecchio by admin | Sep 24, 2014 | Super Yacht Chief Stewardess, The People behind the smiles | 0 comments Super Yacht Chief Stewardess Angela Orecchio teaches you  how to get your "Yachtie Glow" on...   Where do you come from? Just outside of Seattle, Washington in a suburb called Bellevue. Not the hospital, Bellevue rather, the place where Bill Gates lives :) What do you do in your spare time? Write and develop my blog, ride my road bike, run, travel, hike, explore, hoop dance. I love being in the waves on a surfboard when I can > more

Crippled by sea sickness

I spent three months day working in a shipyard, dropped all my savings into STCW95 safety courses and just did my first voyage   Seasickenss made me useless, and now am scared to cross the Atlantic on the 50 meter I am on right now.    Bands, patches, pills and diet did not help with my nausea.   All the other crew seemed ok, apparently it's worse heading into the seas and everyone keeps talking about weather windows and the last crossing taking almost three weeks.   If I had known seasickness felt so bad, and that sleeping was so > more

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