Why crew fail

The majority of crew aren't career minded and more likely to jump ship rather than work through rough patches.   Every job has busy and slow periods mixed with great, mundane and atrocious days. Crew need to be realistic, adapt, grow and consistently achieve objectives. Doing something once is no reason for promotion because every role on a yacht follows specific routines which maintain standards.   Realistic attitudes, being humble and understanding that doing your job well is expected and no reason for praise.    Time served, playing your position on the team and offering a helping hand is what > more

The truth about crew dinners......

Crew dinners are rarely drama free events as hidden tensions of all kinds raise up when drinks start to go down and inhibitions disappear into the night.      The time to celebrate seasonal success invariably becomes a drunk fest associated with teary eyes , twisted ankles, crew altercations, lost phones, wallets, purses and shameful Facebook postings and awkward crew mess chat about the nights events.     When crew clicks divide dinner  tables and secret lovers play footsies and make out in the shadows and the established couples begin to steer towards the rocks as forgotten love drifts apart.     The best part about > more

Get the inside track on the Yachtmaster Exam, from an RYA Examiner

Most students find any examination process stressful, and the Yachtmaster unfortunately is no exception. Stress can only be lessened if you are well prepared, and have some expectation of what will be required of you. Hopefully, this post will help with the latter!As an RYA Examiner, my goal is to try to get the candidates to perform to their best ability during the exam, and I try to do this by communicating as effectively as possible.  I will always strive to ensure that the student understands what I have requested, but if in any doubt, YOU must be clear on > more


     It is that time of year again, PBIBS returns to the Palm Beaches!  The Palm Beach International Boat Show has arrived again!  So, if you make the long haul from Ft. Liquordale to the show in Palm Beach leave your backpack at home they will not allow you into the show with one this year, heightened security you know.  Admission is $20 at the gate and only $18 online presales.  The boat show this year claims to have an unpredecented amount of boat and yacht companies on display from fishing boats to high performace racing sailboats, schooners and > more


     The yachting industry is filled with fascinating personalities and cultures from around the world.  If you have the luxury of being a freelancer you will get exposed to many of these crew members from different backgrounds, and subsequently their slobby, snobby and knobby habits. So, far the two messiest cabins are chief stewardesses and engineers.  Go figure, the ones that have to keep either the whole boat or the whole ECR and engine room spotless and ready for use and inspection at all times, so my belief is that they just give up by the time it comes to their > more

Unicorns & good engineers

Let's face it engineers are cut from a different stone, forever serious the engineer wears a frown and is focused on what's about to fail and needs to be done. I recall a story about a concerned mother that took her 4 year old son to the doctor. Long story short her son aligned toy cars and trucks in straight lines, first by make, then by model and finally but color. This boy needed to see inside everything even if that meant breaking things into pieces and moving onto the next fascinating challenge. After a few minutes of listening the doctor stopped > more

Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta and Rendezvous

  As expected, the final day of the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta and Rendezvous opened with sun, then passing rain showers followed by pure sunshine. Stiff winds made a quick affair of the counter-clockwise course around the island with winds reaching 31 knots across the deck on the upwind leg (20 knots true).   In Class B, the battle was on with Wisp and Marie, both vying for the trophy, but it was Marie’s two point lead that was the difference when Wisp crossed ahead only getting one back. Marie won the regatta. In Class B, P2 was able to hold off > more

Barefoot career blunder

Each time you step forward with bare feet inside shipyards and at marinas you take a giant step backwards in your career.  When crew are walking around barefoot they need to realize that potential employers are everywhere.  Today at the shipyard I saw at least 4 crew meandering barefoot, looking sloppy, unsafe and very unprofessional.  > more

How to read a cocktail recipe

 How to read a Cocktail recipe 1. Become familiar with jiggers. Jiggers are the most basic bar tool for any beginner. The smaller end would vary from a "pony" or 1 oz (30 mL) to a typical "shot" or 1 1/2 oz (45 mL), while the larger end would hold up to 2 oz (60 mL). Be aware that a jigger measurement is the same as a shot. British jiggers uses the metric system instead of imperial, so the standard measurement on a jigger is 25 mL and 50 mL on both ends. 2. Note the different sizes of shot > more

Dream job nightmare

I scored a dream job in the Mediterranean which swiftly became a nightmare.   The captain fancied female crew, persecuted male crew which had bigger stones than him.  Frequent crew change meant nobody new the boat and important maintenance was missed.  Crew where so concerned about the weird mood swings of the old man they locked cabin doors at night and avoided dealing with him. A trip to the wheelhouse was like listening to a broken record. The Captain quite literally had voices in his head. Emails from the Captain where rambles, that where poorly assembled at zero dark thirty because this guy had the > more

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