Patience and The Superyacht Stewardess

 Finding Patience On a charter superyacht in season it may be weeks before your next day off. You may be having to deal with, literally, the most demanding people on the planet for as many as 18 hours of the day.     In this environment perfection is a minimum requirement, and under these strains a superyacht stewardess has to develop superhuman levels of patience. It's not a job for everyone, but those who get a thrill from providing immaculate service in difficult circumstances have plenty of tips to share for those who are finding patience difficult to come by.  Working in > more

Widespread Chick V mosquito borne virus in Cariibean this year

Chikungunya virus is widewspread in the Caribbean now. This long lasting, painful virus is spread by infected mosquitoes. Cover up (yeah right!) or use a good repellent. Those nasty chemicals may be a better option than the virus. > more

Crew positions start ASAP

So you've been in your current job for a little over two years and thinking of making a change.  You have upgraded your qualifications and want to progress.  You've been half looking for six months and your starting to see the job market heat up and notice there's a lot of START ASAP JOBS. Ummmm what happened to the other person? Why does the job sound awesome, but the salary suck? The captain has been there for years and the owners are nice people, but why does this boat have a bad reputation and burn through crew? Heavy charters, big > more

An Interview with Super Yacht Chief Stewardess Angela Orecchio

An Interview with Super Yacht Chief Stewardess Angela Orecchio by admin | Sep 24, 2014 | Super Yacht Chief Stewardess, The People behind the smiles | 0 comments Super Yacht Chief Stewardess Angela Orecchio teaches you  how to get your "Yachtie Glow" on...   Where do you come from? Just outside of Seattle, Washington in a suburb called Bellevue. Not the hospital, Bellevue rather, the place where Bill Gates lives :) What do you do in your spare time? Write and develop my blog, ride my road bike, run, travel, hike, explore, hoop dance. I love being in the waves on a surfboard when I can > more

Crippled by sea sickness

I spent three months day working in a shipyard, dropped all my savings into STCW95 safety courses and just did my first voyage   Seasickenss made me useless, and now am scared to cross the Atlantic on the 50 meter I am on right now.    Bands, patches, pills and diet did not help with my nausea.   All the other crew seemed ok, apparently it's worse heading into the seas and everyone keeps talking about weather windows and the last crossing taking almost three weeks.   If I had known seasickness felt so bad, and that sleeping was so > more


Wondering if there are any married yachtie couples out there that are on an H1-B (US Work Visa) who's spouse is on an H-4 (Companion Visa - allows you to live but not work in the USA year round) and is still working on yachts, traveling in and out of the USA? We have been told by our attorneys that working on yachts in and out of America (Foreign flagged of course) whilst being on an H-4 visa is absolutely fine - but wondering if there are any others out there in our situation that can confirm? Would really appreciate > more

Real cant's & can do people

I've worked with some real cant's that over talk, promise the world and fail to deliver.    Real cant's  rarely listen, aggressively assign blame to others because it's easier to cover up their insecurity with bravado and have people avoid  confrontations with them.    You know the type, micromanagers, low on intelligence and high on ego.    Can do people with good attitudes, collaborate with others, share success and accept their part when things slide sideways.    In yachting reputation is everything, not everyone will like you and going into a new job or project the plan should be to achieve results and earn > more

Below Deck training video

When I was watching the crew reality show “Below Deck” the other night, I was ready to join in on the tweeting frenzy and point out Andrew’s (the deckhand) lack of everything, Kate’s (the chief stew) ability to ignore the service-with-a-smile maxim and wondered if that airplane ticket from Capt. Lee would finally show up with Andrew’s tip. That may still happen, as show editors ended the episode when the charter guests left, keeping viewers waiting until next week.  But as I thought better of tweeting my negative thoughts, feeling that the drama involved is, for a large part, instigated > more

Pill popping relief Captain

Apparently our relief Captain needed something to help him sleep, or at least that's what this guy told the full-time Captain when he checked the medical kit during hand-over.  Sleep aids are nothing new, but regularly using a controlled medicine from a ships medical kit for a sleep aid sounds like substance abuse to me....... The temp guy was very forgetful and slow to figure out things.  After a few weeks I saw the same half baked Captain on another yacht and I guess the "Don't ask don't tell" doctrine keeps this guy in work.  I eventually told our manager > more

Renting/riding motor scooters and health insurance!

An ex crewmember and long time international health insurance broker - I have clients from Bali, Indonesia to the Caribbean (and visit them as often as i can ; ) In many of these places the mode of transport is often motorscooters/bikes and there are so many horror stories about accidents in these countries.  So two wheelers left home with travel insurance right???  but who is reading their insurance wording? Is motorscooter riding (licensed or not) an exclusion or is it covered?  Having had an emergency airlift from the Caribbean (and in the USA!) I understand the importance of > more

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