Dream job nightmare

I scored a dream job in the Mediterranean which swiftly became a nightmare.   The captain fancied female crew, persecuted male crew which had bigger stones than him.  Frequent crew change meant nobody new the boat and important maintenance was missed.  Crew where so concerned about the weird mood swings of the old man they locked cabin doors at night and avoided dealing with him. A trip to the wheelhouse was like listening to a broken record. The Captain quite literally had voices in his head. Emails from the Captain where rambles, that where poorly assembled at zero dark thirty because this guy had the > more

2014 ACYS Concours de Chef

Once again, it was a tough competition between yacht chefs in this years Antigua Charter Yacht Show's Concours de Chef. This year's theme was a Gourmet Caribbean dinner totally gluten-free. As part of the competition, stewardesses competed in the Tablescaping Competition that highlight the pineapple, and boy were the imaginations creative.  After three days of judging in three categories — yachts 160 feet and greater, 100 to 159 feet and less than 100 feet — the decision wasn't handed down until a few hours before the award ceremony. Sponsored by Dockwalk, ShowBoats, Boat International Media, Charterfleet.com, Champagne Nicolas feuillatte, Liat > more

2014 Antigua Charter Yacht Show

Day 5 Today started with drizzle before soaking everyone right as the yachts opened for showtime, but the sun was back out before lunch and with final meetings and viewings wrapping up, the horns sounded the closing of the show promptly at 5:30 p.m. Actually, I think they started about five minutes before, but who's keeping track, other than the stews and deckhands who were breaking down almost instantly. Must have been because there were a few crew parties and such set for the night. Northern Lights had one, Campers & Nicholson presented crew awards (voted on by the brokers), > more

FOOD MELANGE....Spicing Up Your Food Repertoire!

     For chefs in the industry today the competition is over the top, the industry is being flooded by newbies and landlubbers.  Your best defense is a great offense.  On your team should be an amazing CV free of spelling errors, free of fluff, streamlined and with the proper qualifications for the jobs you seek and a clear, uncluttered, non-lengthy objective.  The profile portion can be animated at the interview.  Also, your team should consist of reference page only given upon request on a separate page.  Be careful who you are sending your documents to with sensitive information like > more


Hello eveyone,  I just received this message via likedin, just to be aware this is not from Cunard, not the reply mail to a gmail account! Cunard Cruise Line Carnival House 100 Harbour Parade Southampton, Hamphire, UK S015 1ST http://www.cunard.com/ Cunard Cruise Line want to use this medium to announce to general public that vacancies is now on for all applicants.We are seeking qualified candidates with the knowledge, skills and attitude, passion for excellence and quality service,who will fill the following vacant position below: *Engineer *Captain *Sous Chef *Director of Sales *Public Relations Manager *Mate Engineer *Deckhand *First Mate *Stewardess *Chef *Managing Director *Steward *Cook * Geotechnical Regional Superintendent *2nd Engineer *2nd/3rd Officer *Waiter *Customer Care Representatives *Guest Room Attendants *Cleaners *Assistant Director *Assistant Manager *Sales Manager *Snr.Markerting Manager *IT Manager *1st Mate *Director > more

Tips For Getting Through Stressful Holiday Charters(2)

Part of the challenge, adventure and experience of yachting is to not only make what sometimes seem like impossible tasks possible but to do them flawlessly, exceeding expectations at all times. This can cause a lot of stress as it becomes important to do our best and sometimes we have had only just a few hours of sleep. As we go through the holiday charters and deal with demanding requests, short turnarounds, last-minute changes to number of guests, schedules, crew drama and piles of never-ending laundry, it’s important not to let stress effect yourself or others. To read more check > more

Tips For Getting Through Stressful Holiday Charters

http://theyachtingmentalityasurvivorsguide.wordpress.com/2014/11/13/tips-for-getting-through-stressful-holiday-charters/ > more

The Stewardess Bible Interviews Superyacht Nanny Arielle Maia

If you were to look up wanderlust in the dictionary there would be a picture of this gorgeous little mermaid Arielle Maia Where do you come from?  Annapolis, MD, USA What do you do in your spare time?  I love anything that keeps me active. Lately I’ve gotten really into boxing since we’ve had a few months on land and I joined a recreational league softball team as well which has been a blast. What makes you laugh? Everything. I can find something funny in almost everything but in particular, when you get my best friends and I together, we turn > more

Patience and The Superyacht Stewardess

 Finding Patience On a charter superyacht in season it may be weeks before your next day off. You may be having to deal with, literally, the most demanding people on the planet for as many as 18 hours of the day.     In this environment perfection is a minimum requirement, and under these strains a superyacht stewardess has to develop superhuman levels of patience. It's not a job for everyone, but those who get a thrill from providing immaculate service in difficult circumstances have plenty of tips to share for those who are finding patience difficult to come by.  Working in > more

Widespread Chick V mosquito borne virus in Cariibean this year

Chikungunya virus is widewspread in the Caribbean now. This long lasting, painful virus is spread by infected mosquitoes. Cover up (yeah right!) or use a good repellent. Those nasty chemicals may be a better option than the virus.  http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/2014/05/best-way-to-stop-bug-bites/index.htm > more

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