Hello everyone out there in yachtland!  Whether you are looking for work as a solo act or on a team or transitioning from either land to sea, or sea to land, or any position and most any transition especially from the world of cruiselines, rivercruises or even the navy there is a site out there you can post your CV on to get noticed without having to do all that bloody dock walking.  I have been doing research on these sites and have used many of them in my pursuit for helping candidates whether they have 25 years experiences or > more

American CBP sting

I heard a rumor about customs and border protection running a day worker sting designed to quantify the number of foreign nationals seeking work and working in marinas and shipyards.    During past boat shows I heard stories about people being stopped, questioned and then deported, so this sort of thing is nothing new.    Regardless of what people say or think looking for work and working without papers is 100% illegal.....   > more

Superyacht Stewardess Job: Everything you need to know about what you are going to be doing when you land your first job!

You’ve seen all those amazing Facebook pics of stewardesses living it up whilst they work on a Superyacht, but what the hell do they actually do for a job whilst they are working? These details are way out of my range, so we’ve turned to Kylie O’Brien from The Stewardess Bible with 20 years of industry knowledge to give you the rundown of what a superyacht stewardess actually does for work. Over to you Kylie!What Does a Superyacht Stewardess Do?Imagine a seven star hotel with all the rooms occupied, now imagine all the things that have to be done at that hotel > more

Superyacht Deckhand Job: Everything you need to know about what you are going to be doing when you land your first job!

So, you’ve been reading all the information online about the skills needed to be a deckhand, but you still have no idea what a deckhand actually does… Here i’ll run you through in detail a day in a life of all aspects of the job of a deckhand on a Superyacht, to allow you to visualise what you will actually be doing day-to-day on a Superyacht, not just listing the skills required to get a job on a Superyacht.Contrary to how most deckhands can look sometimes, a deckhand will be the workhorse of the deck team. Keeping the exterior of > more

Leaving port with one gen operational

Is leaving port with only  one operational generator a good idea? What do you think? > more


    Getting in and staying in the marine (yachting) industry requires you continually build a positive network of supporting people, businesses, vendors, adversaries, friends, Romans and countrymen.  Point is don't burn bridges and piss people off along the way....easier said than done.  In life not everyone is going to like you or what you do or who you are and there will be many that love you just the way you are and if you are lucky enough you can sort out real friends from the fugazys if you know what I mean.  If you manage to have one > more

Stew shortage

Is there a stewardess shortage or simply a shortage of female crew that understand what the job is?   The average stewardess rarely lasts more than a season.  Once you've seen  a couple hundred resumes and interviewed dozens of these girls you quickly realize less than 20% have the drive and confidence to become  a good stewardess let alone a Chief Stewardess.    Yacht hopping,  employment gaps and inappropriate job interview attire and being five minutes late for an interview is the new industry norm.    If your wondering why you can't land a job take a long hard look > more

Howden's Paddle for Cancer

Deckhand Charlie Howden is about halfway through his paddle down the west coast of Costa Rica. He started his sixth day with an injection into his belly to make sure his white blood cell count stayed stable to keep his immune system strong. Howden is battling stage four pancreatic cancer. He's taking the paddle challenge not only for his own well being, but also for the benefit of other cancer patients by raising funds and awareness for the William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation. Working as a full-time deckhand on M/Y Cakewalk starting in 2001, he moved on to M/Y Fortress > more

A Yachting State of Mind

What is it you want? Is it romance, security, love, fame or fortune? Is it a human quality to pioneer and invent? Do you see yourself as a bold explorer braving the universe searching for meaning? For me, it's taking each and every minute to absorb the beauty of life, the sun, the stars, the times when it seems nothing could be worse or nothing could be better, the in-between times when hours are wasted yet the soul ingests and consumes the art of a purposeful existence, to be the hero of your own movie, to comtemplate the oneness of > more

Tattoos & smoking got me a job

Not having tattoos and being a genuine non-smoker helped me get a job. Have you been discriminated against in a job interview?       > more

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